What Is The Difference Between Residential, Industrial And Commercial Electricians In Tarzana?

Commercial Electricians In Tarzana

Like many trades, the specifics of the job determine what kind of electrician you need. All three of the electrical areas stated above have their techniques and procedures. All electricians are trained for residential work but need further training to work on commercial and industrial setups. It is all to do with wiring techniques, equipment involved, and energy demands. Whatever your needs, it is important to hire the correct type of electrician to suit the particular area of work. If you have a business, a store outlet, or an office, for example, you will need to hire commercial electricians in Tarzana, not an industrial or residential one. Here at Hoffer Electric, we are glad to say that we can offer all three types of qualified and experienced electricians.

Residential Electricians

Residential electricians work on homes and houses. They deal with what is called single-phase power, which is 120-240 volts. This is the amount of electrical current that most households need to use to run the lighting system and all the household appliances. Household electrical wiring is always hidden within the walls of the building.

Commercial Electricians In Tarzana

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians work on what is called a three-phase power supply. There is one system of wiring with a higher voltage setting and two auxiliary wiring systems run off a lower voltage.

This commercial three-phase power supply is installed because of greater energy use than you would need in a residential setting. Commercial outlets tend to use more lighting and energy heavy equipment than the average home.

The three-phase system spreads the energy load. In a commercial setting, a lot of the actual wiring is exposed and not hidden within the walls. They work in different types of non-residential settings.

Commercial electricians install, maintain, and upgrade electrical systems in business premises. They are also called in to troubleshoot, repair, and fix any electrical issues. If you are installing new equipment in your offices or store, then you will need a commercial electrician. This also includes phone and computer wiring systems. Their licensing classification is different from that of a residential electrician.

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians are similar to commercial electricians. The difference is they work on manufacturing concerns such as factories, mines, and chemical plants. These businesses use heavy machinery and require a lot of energy. They use the same kind of three-phase electrical power system that commercial businesses use. The difference is that the wiring they install has to be threaded through conduits for safety. These are heavy-duty steel tubes are called RMC conduits.

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We at Hoffer Electric have been in the business for over forty years. Whatever kind of electrician you require we can supply, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. Our employees are all qualified, licensed, bonded, and insured. So, if you are looking for a qualified electrician, especially commercial electricians in Tarzana, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For a free consultation, you can contact us through our website.