Installation for Tesla Home Charging Station by Hoffer Electric

With the popularity of Tesla and other electric cars, it is no wonder that there is an increasing demand for the installation for Tesla Home charging station. At Hoffer Electric, we receive dozens of inquiries about it every week.

Home Car Charger

If you own a Tesla, you should consider installing a charging station in your home. One of the benefits of having your own car charging station at home is that you do not need to drive to the nearest public charging stations.

The convenience of a home charging station allows you to simply plug your car in at night. When you wake up the next day, your car is fully charged, ready to be driven.

Although you can always plug it into a standard electrical outlet, the power is less compared to charging it through a station that can bring in more juice to your car’s battery.  

But before deciding to install a Tesla home charging station, you need to ensure that you are getting the right amperage.

Keep in mind that there are tons of chargers available. For your Tesla cars, you need a compatible charger. That way, it can give your car the right amperage.

Apart from the right amperage, you must also opt to have a long cord. Even if your Tesla car is near the charging station.

When deciding how long the cable needs to be, you must know where you will park the vehicle. From there, install the charging station that is close to the area where you park your car.

Always opt for a longer cable. A 16-foot cable is sufficient to run anywhere in an average-size garage.

Ensure It Is The Right Installation

You can choose a permanent installation. In here, the station is attached permanently to the wall. Or you can go for a removable station. This is a better option if you are planning to sell your house in the future.

installation tesla home charging station

Hire a Professional

When it comes to installation for the Tesla home charging station, it is ideal that you hire a licensed electrician to install it for you. Hoffer Electric is a certified electric company in Los Angeles to install the car’s charging units.

It is your safest bet to have the station installed properly by a licensed, certified electrician.

Finding the right electrical contractor in Los Angeles is vital if you need to install a home charging station for your Tesla. Doing so will help you ensure that the electrician will do a good job for you.

It can surely help you save a lot of money and effort in the future. It will also guarantee that your house is safe from any electrical faults because of the newly installed charging station.

An Electric Contractor With Great Reputation

Hoffer Electric is one of the most revered electrical company in Los Angeles. We have an excellent reputation for working in residential and commercial properties. Our team of electricians will do the job for you and complete it to a high standard. Call our team today for a consultation and schedule an appointment for the installation for Tesla home charging station: (323) 922-5205.

FAQs: Installation for Tesla Home Charging Station

Installation for Tesla Home Charging Station

Electric cars are the coming future for motoring. So far, electric and hybrid cars are a small percentage of the vehicles on the road, but more and more drivers are turning to them every day. Like any other car, they need the energy to propel them. Although there are now public charging stations, just like gas stations, private charging stations are more convenient. Since the manufacture of electric cars, independent or home chargers have also come onto the market. The Tesla home charger is considered one of the best. We at Hoffer Electric have had plenty of experience in installation for Tesla home chargers. So, with that in mind, we would like to share some frequently asked questions about the installation for Tesla home charging station

Does My Tesla Come With A Charger

The answer to that is ‘yes’, the Tesla comes with a mobile charger. These are what are considered level 1 chargers and can be plugged into a 120-volt socket. Unfortunately, they are relatively slow chargers. A better option is a wall connector or home charging station. These give a level 2 charge.

Why Should I Bother To Install A Home Charger?

Quite honestly, for your own convenience. Mobile chargers that come with your purchase are quite frankly not up to the job. The slow and low-level charge means your car will need to be charged more frequently. You can use public chargers, but are there any conveniently near to you? With a home charger, you can hook up your car overnight with energy capacity for the whole of the next day.

Installation for Tesla Home Charging Station

Is A Tesla Charger Worth It?

A 12-hour charge equals 84km. If your daily commute or driving needs exceed this, then you have to top up at a Tesla Supercharger. Accessories to boost your charging needs are available, so home charging is more convenient than public charging stations. They are also more economic in terms of both energy and costs.

Is The Installation Difficult?

No. An experienced residential electrician can easily install your dedicated Tesla car charger. Chargers can be installed inside your garage. If you don’t have a garage, the charger can be installed outside. The chargers are manufactured to be very tough and withstand the elements as they are weatherproofed. The greatest challenge with outside installations is connecting it to your breaker panel. An electrician with experience in installing chargers won’t have a problem. It’s all about protecting the wiring.

Are Tesla Chargers Compatible With Other Electric Cars?

No. Tesla chargers are made specifically for Tesla cars. That said, adaptors can be bought that will allow the Tesla charger to charge up other cars. Across the board compatibility in terms of electric car chargers isn’t complete yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Correct Installation

Despite the relatively small market for electric vehicles at the moment, it is a growing market which means the installation for Tesla home charging station and others are necessary. We at Hoffer Electric already have experience of this kind of electrical. So, if you need a charging station don’t hesitate to contact us through our website for a free quote.

Hoffer Electric Offers Installation for Tesla Home Charging Station

If you are environmentally conscious and have been looking for ways to leave less of a carbon footprint and do your part to conserve the use of fossil fuels and energy, then you probably do all that you can to help in every way possible. This may even include the use of an electric car as your main source of transportation. Many people have turned to the use of a Tesla car as the top source for electric cars. When you purchase an electric car from Tesla you are also going to need to have the appropriate charging station installed at your home. It is good to know that in the Los Angeles area Hoffer Electric offers installation for Tesla Home Charging Station at a reasonable price.

Installation for Tesla Home Charging Station

Getting an Experienced Electrician

When you need to have a Tesla charging station such as this installed in your home you want to make sure the work is performed by a company that has experience handling this type of work. Hoffer Electric not only has many years of experience in performing residential and commercial electric work but it also is aware of all that is needed to successful perform an installation of the charging station for your home or garage. All of the necessary steps will be followed to make sure that the area you want the installation is prepared correctly and can handle the electrical load required by the charging station so you can be sure it can be safely installed or that any work that may need to be performed before installation is done correctly.

The Right Team for the Process

Once a proper load calculation has been performed and the area assessed and any permits necessary or required have been obtained, work can be easily performed. Most installations do not take long at all and can be done easily and effectively so you can have access to your charging station. Typically there is an inspection that is needed after work is done to make sure everything is compliant with local ordinances but with the right team doing the work for you this will not be a problem for you.

Call For Evaluation

If you want to make sure your charging station for your Tesla is installed safely and correctly you want to use an electrician that has experience and that you can trust. Hoffer Electric can provide you with everything you need to make sure the job is done right.

Get Your Tesla Charging Station in Los Angeles Installed

More people today are looking at all of the options and alternatives available to them that can help them be more environmentally-conscious and live a “greener” lifestyle. One component of this today is the popularity of the use of electric cars. There are more electric cars available in the marketplace now than ever before to provide you with a better way to travel that eliminates emissions and can help to save you money and the environment. If you are purchasing a Tesla electric car then you are going to need to have a charging station put in at your home so you can properly charge your car each day. You can get your Tesla charging station in Los Angeles installed by licensed electrician so you are sure it is done properly.

Getting the Work Done Right

When you purchase an electric car from Tesla you are also going to get the equipment you need for a charging station to be set up at your home. This will allow you to easily charge the car each night so it is ready for you to use it each day. The charging station does take some specialty work to install and you need to have it installed by an electrician that is trained and experienced in working with this particular charging station. The right electrician will be able to easily install the station for you so everything is set up safely and properly right at your location.

Finding the Right Electrician

Not every electrician is going to be able to help you with this type of installation. There are electricians available that have gone through training with Tesla that was designed specifically to instruct electricians on the proper way to inspect the area of installation, install the wall connectors and make any needed adjustments to have the charging work at its best capacity. You want to choose an electrician with this type of experience so you know the job is going to be done up to the right standards.

If you are making the effort to do your best for the environment by getting an electric car then you also want to be sure you go the extra mile to have your charging station properly installed in your home. The proper installation will allow you to experience faster and easier charging of your electric car each day.

Charging Tips for Your Electric Car

An electric car needs a charging system. Whatever the brand and model you are using, these charging tips, brought to you by Hoffer Electric, the most sought-after electrician in Calabasas, will help you on your next road trip and prolong the lifespan of the car’s battery.

Know your own car

Your electric car is different from the other electric vehicles. That is, pay close attention to your car’s response. You need to know what type of driving can save its range and what regenerates range. It can take a few weeks for you to get to know those details.

If you are planning an out-of-town trip, opt to take the smaller roads. Then, know whether there are hills or high-speed routes on your way. Knowing these details will help you plan where you can charge next.

Plan ahead

If you are going for a business trip, for example, you need to plan ahead. Set its charge level to 50 percent. Then, just leave it plugged in.

Now, if you are leaving your car somewhere where you can’t leave it plugged in, you must be aware that your car will lose some charge each day.

It is better to leave the car unplugged at 90 percent charge state. So that, when you come back, you won’t find its battery completely discharged.

Charging Tips for Your Electric Car

Avoid fully charging your electric car

Fully charging it will only charge the battery to its maximum capacity. Some electric car manufacturers will recommend owners to charge their car up to 80 percent. Doing so will only reduce the available range while it increases the lifespan of your car’s battery.

If your driving can go with less than 80 percent charge, then this simple set up is the easiest way to increase your car’s battery lifespan.

Drive slower

Did you know that driving fast can increase your car’s charging time? It does not matter what brand or model you are using. The faster you drive, the more energy your car uses so, the longer time it takes for it for charging.

Of course, you can’t control it. But you can choose your route so you can opt to drive slower.

Consider extreme temperature conditions

If your car is not a Tesla model that comes with a built-in thermal management system, then your car needs to be kept between 20F and 85F. Most batteries of an electric car hate heat. It increases battery degradation when it is exposed to high temperatures consistently.

If you need further help on how to charge your electric car, call our experts at 310-321-4996 OR (818) 999-4190

Finding Installation for a Tesla Home Charging Station

There has been a great deal revolving around electric cars for many years, and it seems as though they have finally found a strong place in the auto market. More people are making the investment in electric cars because they are much better for the environment and you can get quality mileage from a charge today that was not there in the past. Of course having a convenient way to charge your electric is also important, which is why more people are turning to getting charging stations installed at home. If you are looking for a source to provide you with installation for a Tesla home charging station, then we at Hoffer Electric can be there to help you.

Turning to a Trusted Source

Hooking up a charging station is not as simple as just plugging everything in and having it ready to use in a few minutes. There is a process involved, and the station needs to be wired and installed properly and safely so that you can get proper use out of it. With Tesla stations, there is a special wall connection needed that allows for faster charging and much greater convenience. You will also need a 240-volt outlet to plug into, and you want the station to be in an area that you regularly park your car each day for easy access. All of this work should be done by a service that has experience with these installations so you are sure it is done properly.

Finding Installation for a Tesla Home Charging Station

Expert Help and Service

Because the installation for a Tesla home charging station requires familiarity with the system and electrical knowledge, it is always recommended that you hire an experienced electrician to do the job for you. At Hoffer Electric, we have been serving the Southern California area for nearly fifty years and have just the experience and knowledge you are looking for to do jobs like this for you. We can come right to your home and take care of the installation easily so you can have everything set up.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

If you are looking for someone to perform an installation for a Tesla hoe charging station, take the time to call us at Hoffer Electric at 310-321-4996. You can arrange an appointment with our office to have one of our professional technicians come to your home and get the system installed for you so that you have an easy and efficient way to charge your car each day.

Turn to Professional Installation for a Tesla Home Charging Station in Los Angeles

More and more people today are conscious of their impact on the environment and try to do what they can to leave less of a carbon footprint. We all take efforts to do better and take care of what is around us, preserving our natural resources and caring for the planet. If you are taking the extra step when it comes to the vehicle that you own, then you may consider getting yourself one of the beautiful Tesla electric cars that are for sale today. There is a steady and growing interest in electric cars like those from Tesla and more people today are buying them than ever before. Of course, to get a proper charge for your vehicle, you need a home station, which means you want to turn to a service like ours at Hoffer Electric so you can get professional installation for a Tesla home charging station in Los Angeles.

Getting the Right Equipment

In order to have the ability to charge your car in your own garage or driveway, you are going to need to have the proper equipment on hand. Tesla offers particular charging stations designed to charge their vehicles, so most people simply plug in the car overnight, let the car charge, and then have it at capacity for the next day for use. There are standard equipment packages available that allow you to plug your car into an outlet at home and there are also add-on, optional accessories, such as a special wall connector, that allow you to get a faster charge.

Tesla Home Charging Station in Los Angeles

A Professional Install is Key

To make sure everything is installed safely and correctly, you want to have professional installation for a Tesla home charging station in Los Angeles. At Hoffer Electric, we can supply you with the service you need. We will come to your home and install a dedicated circuit near to where you will park your vehicle each day. We can perform all the work that needs to get done so that your charging station is installed safely and properly.

Set up An Appointment Today

To schedule an appointment for our professional installation for a Tesla home charging station in Los Angeles, take the time to give us a call at Hoffer Electric by phoning us at 310-321-4996. You can speak to our office staff and arrange a date and time for us to come to your home, perform a consultation and provide you with an estimate for the work needed so we can get you all set up for your new car.

What You Need for Installation for a Tesla Home Charging Station

The automotive industry has changed and evolved significantly over the last twenty years. Today, more than ever, the possibilities are there for you to own a vehicle that provides you with all of the comfort and amenities that you want and offers fantastic mileage and is good for the environment. The surge in sales of electric cars, particularly those manufactured by Tesla, has intrigued many people and more each day turn to buying an electric car for regular use. When you own an electric car, you want to make sure you have everything you need to charge the car properly at home. There are a few things you will need for installation for a Tesla home charging station.

An Installation Kit for Home

When you purchase your electric car, you also will get the equipment you need to set up a charging station at your home. Each vehicle has a particular kit that is used for charging, and there are extra accessories you can purchase along the way to help make charging at home faster and more efficient. You can discuss the particulars with your dealer when you are finalizing the purchase of your vehicle. You do want to make sure you have an area on your property or in your garage where you can safely get everything set up for proper and safe use.

What You Need for Installation for a Tesla Home Charging Station

Getting Professional Installation

One thing you will certainly need for installation for a Tesla home charging station is a professional service to do the work for you. You want to make sure the charging station is set up properly right from the start so that you can safely charge your vehicle each night. There are certain electricians that are properly trained in installation so they can make sure the wiring is correct for you and you get the station installed the right way.

We Can Handle Installations for You

Here at Hoffer Electric, we are the perfect source for you when you need installation for a Tesla home charging station. We have experienced electricians on staff that can do the job for you in the Los Angeles area without any trouble. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an installation or get a free price quote for the work you may need, please give us a call at 310-321-4996. We will be happy to assist you so you can charge your car at home and make the most of your purchase.

How to Get Installation for a Tesla Home Charging Station in Los Angeles

California has always been known as one of the more innovative and progressive places in the United States. The progression certainly applies when it comes to the automotive industry, and you will find many more hybrid and electric cars on the road here in the Los Angeles area than you might find anywhere else in the country. If you are considering getting an electric car for yourself, you know that it is an important investment for you and the environment and that the car requires special care at your home to keep it properly charged. There are particulars involved with the charging station you need, and you want to know how and where you can get an installation for a Tesla home charging station in Los Angeles.

Having a Proper Location

It is important before you purchase an electric car like a Tesla that you know that you have the space to store and charge the car properly and safely. You want to make sure you have room for the vehicle and easy access to power where you will have the ability to set up a charging station to charge the car each day. Most people can accommodate the vehicle in their garage so that they have access to power and the space for the car and charging equipment needed.

How to Get Installation for a Tesla Home Charging Station in Los Angeles

Call an Expert

Setting up a home charging station is not something the average person may have the ability to do correctly. To get installation for a Tesla home charging station in Los Angeles, you are better off turning to an expert electrical service to help you like we have here at Hoffer Electric. At Hoffer Electric, we have been providing electrical services in the Los Angeles area for fifty years and can provide you with the expert installation you need, so you know your charging station has the right wiring and power and will charge your car safely and correctly.

Get the Job Done Right

Your electric car is a significant investment on your part, and you want to make sure you can charge it properly every day without trouble. To get installation for a Tesla home charging station in Los Angeles done correctly, give us a call at Hoffer Electric at 310-321-4996. We will be glad to schedule an appointment for you to have one of our experienced electricians come out and take care of the installation for you quickly and efficiently.

List of Services Every Licensed Electrician in Los Angeles Should Offer

All too often today you read reviews about contractors or workers that never return phone calls, texts, email messages, or fail to show up for the job you need them for. Every user wants to know that when they call an electrician, they will get a courteous response right away; or if they leave a message, it will be returned. Finding an electrician in Los Angeles is not necessarily a hard task; but finding one that gathers these and other positive traits is kind of tricky.

Electrician in Los Angeles

Any electrician you consider hiring needs to be a company that is certified by the State of California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). They should also be licensed, insured, and bonded. You put yourself, your employees, your business at risk if you go with a company that is not properly licensed to do electrical work. Hiring a licensed company ensures that you have electricians on the premises that have the proper training and experience to do the job safely and correctly. A company that is insured is just as important as it helps to protect you in the event of any accidents.

Airport Hangars and Machine Shops are two particular examples of places that really can’t afford to have subpar electricity and cannot be handled by unlicensed electrician in Los Angeles. Machine shops rely on electricity for (practically) every aspect of their business. Airport hangars need electricity to manage their security as well as everything else that goes into a hangar. The same pros that work on an airplane hangar can bring that same level of craft to your home’s recessed and track lighting, aluminum repair, and so much more.

Only Certified Electricians can Install a Charging Station Properly

Electrician in Los Angeles

Owning one of the new Tesla electric vehicles that have become so popular lately is an incredible opportunity. You get to drive a beautiful, unique vehicle that relies solely on electric power. You’re also helping to save the environment while getting a high-quality ride. There are many public areas in the Los Angeles area that feature charging stations you can use. While you are at work or out running errands, you need to have the ability to charge your vehicle at home each day in order to maximize the batteries and get the best use of your vehicle. A home station is just what you need, and you want to make sure you get a certified electrician to help you with installation for a Tesla home charging station.

Electrician in Los Angeles

There are different methods you can use to charge your vehicle at your home. The first choice is to basically use your vehicle as a “plug-in” and charge the car simply by using the existing electricity of your home in your garage or outdoor areas. This method can charge your vehicle, but it can take a long time to achieve the level of charge you want each day. A better alternative is to purchase a charging station you can use at your home that is designed specifically for the Tesla. This will provide you with a faster and more effective charging method.

If you are spending the money on a special vehicle and then on the appropriate charging station for your Tesla, you want to make sure the charging station is installed correctly at your home. You would hate to try to do the work yourself or get someone that is not familiar with the stations to install it for you and find it is done incorrectly, so it does not work properly. Improper installation can put your equipment at risk and even pose a potential electrical hazard to you and your home, creating safety issues.

Do You Need a Backup Generator?

The weather patterns across the country today seem vastly different than what they were years ago. All areas of the country now experience more extreme weather at different times of the year, leaving you more vulnerable than ever to potential power outages in the summer and winter months. When this happens to you, you can find yourself without power for several hours or even several days. All of the events that you see and hear about today may lead you to ask if back up generators can be a wise investment for you and your home or business.

Electrician in Los Angeles

When you lose power because of things like floods, heavy rain storms or high winds, you know that there are going to be others in your area that experience the same problems. As hard as the local utility companies may work, it may take them some time to get to your area and restore power. This can mean going without things like electricity, water and gas for a while. With backup generators, you are able to keep your household running so that you can power your important appliances to keep food fresh and have water running.

While having the proper power to keep your home safely functioning is very important, for a business that is going through a power outage it can be a devastating time. Every day you are unable to open because you are without power means you are losing money. If you own and operate a business that relies on things like refrigeration, it can end up costing you a great deal as you will have to throw away goods. A recent NBC article portrayed how many business building affected by hurricane Florence used generators to power essential functions and stay operational.

Electrician in Los Angeles

The Importance of a 24 Hour service

You may never expect to have problems with your electricity or electrical work, but issues are bound to crop up, and often at the most inopportune times. It could happen on a Sunday morning when you are just getting to start that special dinner with dozens of guests coming over. Maybe it is in the middle of the night, interrupting the use of important medical equipment you have for a sick family member or newborn. At times like this, you need to know there is accompany available to help you at a moment’s notice. You want a 24-hour electrician in los Angeles to help you.

Electrician in Los Angeles

Many services are only available from 9 to 5 or have answering services take calls and then do not get back to you for many hours, causing delays that can be difficult for you. You want a service you know you can call at any time and get the advice and assistance that matters.

An emergency electrician in Los Angeles is a necessary service. In such big city, you want to contact a pro when you have big electrical problems at home. It could be that you have lost power to your home for an unexplained reason. Perhaps you heard disturbing sounds coming from your electrical panel, and you have concerns about a potential fire. While calling 911 in the event of smoke or a fire is always the best decision to make, if there is something wrong with your utility you want the problem addressed as quickly as possible. An emergency electrician can get out to you as soon as possible, even in the middle of the night.

The Electrician in Los Angeles That Stood the Test of Time

1967 – That’s when Ben Hoffer founded Hoffer Electric. In the last 40 plus years, electricity has changed in ways that most people couldn’t even have begun to dream of. What looked like science fiction in 1967 is just a common part of life these days. In that time, Hoffer Electric has seen electric services change, but their commitment to doing right by their customers hasn’t, as Ben’s son Dale Hoffer keeps on running the family business to this day.

Electrician in Los Angeles

Hoffer Electric is a family owned company. They don’t just work on the electricity of companies around Southern California; they live there, too. According to their positive reviews on Yelp, they are known for treating everyone’s electricity job like they were doing it for friends or family. Thus, they’ve managed to foster a real sense of community with their clients.

Many electricians say they’ll give free estimates, but then they end up proving anything but. A “free estimate” isn’t really free if you have to put some money down or spend some before the electrician gives it to you. By that same token, a free estimate is worthless if the electrician springs surprise fees on the homeowner when it comes time to complete the bill. Hoffer Electric offers a true free estimate and also makes it easy to fill out. All you have to do is type in your email, name, phone number, and a brief description of what you need or call (323) 922-5205 and (818) 999-4190.