How to find the best Licensed Electrician in Santa Monica

When you need an electrician to help you with wiring at a residence or a commercial property, you need to find someone who is suitably qualified, and can ensure that all of your work is suitably finished. There are several ways that you can make sure that you get the right person for the job, including finding out whether your intended electrician is licensed. Finding out more about your electrician and their experience and knowledge can help you to get the right person for the job.

Look at licensed companies

If you want to find an electrician who is fully licensed in your area, then you need to make sure that you check out their licenses. Any electrician who holds the required qualifications will be on the list at the State’s website. This carries a current and accurate list of all those who are working in the field of electronics. This is important since it can help you to understand where your qualified expert comes from, and how they can make sure that your electrical work is up to modern standards. For example, a visit to the State website can show you whether your contractor has been licensed to work in your area, and can also show whether they have been in work during the past few years, or whether their employers are now out of businrobot dog canada penezenka portlnd crib and dresser set Canada custom jersey best wigs sublimated baseball jerseys soccer jersey maker eco robinet custom cubs jersey piazza venezia borse crib and dresser set Canada sports uniforms reebokeebok classic vector bucket hat cheap jerseys yeezy shoes ess. The latter information is vital when seeking references.

What to expect from an electrical contractor

Once you have found a Licensed Electrician in Santa Monica who seems able to help you with your project, you will now need to do a little more research into the individuals that you have marked as possibilities. Some engineers are class !, which means that they are limited to residential installations which have less than 400 amps, or they are Class II which removes the restrictions imposed on Class I. The latter Class is sometimes called a Master License, and means that the electrician is able to carry out a range of electrical work. What Class you require will depend upon the work that needs to be done. For example, you may need to have an electrician who is licensed to work with low voltage wiring. This is more complicated than standard wiring, and so if you need alarm installation, telecommunication wiring, or low-voltage contracting of any kind, you will need a licensed specialist.

Finding the Right Commercial Electrician in Westwood

A great commercial electrician in Westwood can help your business in a lot of ways. Most business owners don’t realize how handy a fantastic commercial electrician can be. Even the most “green” business needs some kind of electricity to function. By that same token, most business owners didn’t get into whatever industry they’re in due to their understanding of electricity (in all likelihood). Thus, it makes a lot of sense to hire someone who knows what they’re doing to handle your business’s electricity. Fortunately, Hoffer Electric offers the kinds of services that businesses have counted on in Westwood for many years.

commercial electricial in westwood

Commercial Electrician in Westwood Services

The question really isn’t “what can a commercial electrician in Westwood do for my business” but rather “what can’t why do?” One place where they can come in absolutely critical is during new construction and remodeling. When a building is brand new or thoroughly remodeled, the electric work can be very tricky. It takes an experienced hand to come in and do the job quickly; especially for the kind of electricity a business needs to succeed.

The Right Qualifications

Hoffer Electric has all the proper licenses and experience to do an excellent job in taking care of your company’s electricity. The electric work necessary for a store or office’s lighting systems can be difficult. Furthermore, they’re critical to the company’s success. It’s rather hard to have a successful office where the lights and electricity only work a fraction of the time. Hoffer Electric has been helping businesses all over Westwood for a very long time, and they can bring that experience to your business.

Specialized Wiring

When people hear “commercial electrician in Westwood,” they typically think of a company that handles the office lights. Or, one that lays out the power so that an office’s computers and the like can work. While those are all things that Hoffer Electric can do, they can also offer a lot more than that. They have a plethora of experience with pools and spa wiring. This particular kind of wiring takes an experienced hand to do an excellent job.

A Sterling Reputation

Hoffer Electric’s reputation speaks for itself. In the several years they’ve been providing commercial electric services, they have many successful customers whose businesses have thrived. They’re proud to be a part of the Westwood community. All these recommendations from the owners of businesses that are both small and very large add up to one great reputation.

Commercial Electric Services, No Matter the Size

While Hoffer Electric has many commercial clients, they also serve homes and industrial locations as well. Essentially, any place that needs electricity can count on Hoffer Electric. In the modern, digital age, having quality electricity at your store, office or establishment is more important than ever. They offer free estimates, so that you’re never hit by “surprise fees” at the end of a job. You can reach out to Hoffer Electric at (310)-321-4996 or go to their site to find the best commercial electrician in Westwood.

Your Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles for Recessed Lighting

Most homeowners are keeping up with the latest trends by installing recessed lighting. One of the most typical reasons for using it is that the recessed lighting transforms a room to appear bigger. To upgrade your home from the traditional hanging lights to recessed lighting, you need the services of a professional electrical contractor in Los Angeles. Here are some of the benefits of having recess lighting. And using a licensed electrical contractor for electrical installations in Los Angeles.

More visual space

Recessed lighting is mostly used in smaller rooms or any other room that you want to appear spacious. The lighting system makes what a small room to feel larger because there is more visual space is.

Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles
To achieve this, the light cans are installed inside the ceiling, and nothing is hanging out to obstruct the visual space between the floor and the ceiling.

Wall washing effect

There is another reason for the popularity of recessed lighting. This is to do with the effect which is sometimes known as a wall-washing effect. This is a lighting effect that directs more light across the room through the use of the correct light trim.

The light trim is the light that you can see from an opening in the ceiling. Wall-washing involves using a reflector and a light scoop to direct the light towards the wall of your home.

Even those who have a sloped ceiling, they can still use what a called an eyeball trim to have a wall-washing effect is. Here is what you can do to have a wall washing effect:

  • You need to space the recessed lighting correctly for better wall washing effect.
  • The distance between each recessed lighting should be of equal distance in the same way you spaced them from the wall.
  • The higher the ceiling from the floor, the higher you need to space the recessed lighting.
  • Use the directional reflectors effectively so that the lighting is cast towards the walls.

Design reasons

People have different interests in using recessed lighting, and another favorite one is for design reasons. For example, you can use recessed lighting to highlight other items in your home, such as a wall bookcase and a shelf with a collection of artwork.

The light will help your items to appear in an attractive way to attract the interest of your guests.

Types of recessed lighting

The best thing about recessed lighting is that it comes in various colors to give you great options for choosing your desired color. Even the trim and reflectors have different colors, so you can use them in several ways to upgrade your rooms.

The huge benefit of having a light case is that it prevents dust from collecting. Besides this, it is inside the ceiling so that your kids are always safer than the hanging lights.

Contact Us

It’s always important to keep in mind that you need commercial electrician services in Los Angeles when dealing with electrical issues for safety reasons.

If you have a recessed lighting project in Los Angeles, contact Hoffer Electric today by calling at 323-922-5205 and talk with our team of licensed electricians for electrical wiring for industrial facilities in the LA area.

Recessed Lighting to Reduce Your Electric Bill

If you own your own home or business property you may dread the time of the month when your electric bill comes in the mail. If you have older lighting fixtures and wiring in your home or office you may using much more electricity than you really need to. This can cause you to have a very electric bill each month. Luckily, you do not have to keep up with this pace and you can find ways that can help you to conserve electricity overall. One of the steps that you can take is to get recessed lighting to reduce your electric bill each month.


Recessed lighting allows you to have lighting fixtures that are embedded in the ceiling of your home. This type of lighting can provide you with a wonderful, modern look in nearly any room in your home. While it looks great and can add value to your home overall, it can also help you in cutting back on your electric bill. Depending on the type of modern fixtures you choose you can get recessed lighting that makes use of energy much more efficiently and does not need light bulbs that use nearly as much energy to operate. This is what is going to help you cut back on your energy costs each month.


You can get recessed lighting fixtures that make use of LED lights. This type of lighting is known to use much less electricity and the blubs can last a lot longer than the standard light bulbs that are often used. This can help to save you a great deal of money each month. You can also get recessed lighting that makes use of fixtures that are low voltage. A transformer is used to reduce the voltage provided to your electrical system so you are using less energy. While this option can often cost more to get installed and to maintain, it can provide you with great savings.
You want to take a look at all of the options available to you with recessed lighting. Companies like Hoffer Electric urge residents to try recessed lighting to help reduce their electric bill. Take the time to arrange a consultation so you can discuss all of the options available to you when it comes to recessed lighting so you can be sure to make the best choice in terms of look, style and efficiency.

Get the best look for your home with Recessed Lighting Installation

When you want to change the look of an entire room, you might consider changing the lighting to something innovative, such as Recessed lighting. This is a relatively modern style of lighting, also known as downlighting, which can be used to pick out features in a room, or provide lighting where it is essential. Planning this type of lighting is vital, since you have to make sure that your room is well-lit in addition to adding focal points. You may decide to seek the advice of the electrician you will be using before committing to a final Recessed Lighting Installation plan.

Decide how much light the room needs

Known among some electrical experts as the room’s ‘wattage’, working out how much space the lights will take up can be vital. Many people don’t realize that your room can have its exact amount of light calculated in order to show how much light you need. The best way to do this is by multiplying the length by the width of the room in order to find the area. This result is then multiplied by 1.5, which is the full wattage needed to light up the room. You can then use this information to work out how many downlights you need to ensure that the room is well-lit.

Find the perfect number of fixtures

Once you have the wattage, you then need to calculate how many lightbulbs will be needed to cover that space.  You can do this by taking the total wattage mount for the room, and dividing it by the wattage of a single bulb. This will allow you to work out exactly how many lightbulbs will give you the light you need. When doing this with LED lights, it is important to remember that their low wattage can still supply the same power as a 40-watt halogen lightbulb. You are likely to be able to find comparison details on the packaging which will help you to make that conversion.

Arrange fittings evenly

Armed with the number of bulbs you need for your room, you can then work out exactly how it needs to be fitted in order to perfectly light the room. Most experts recommend a space of around 2 feet from walls to prevent shadows, and a recommended space of 2 feet between each bulb. This may require a small amount of tweaking in order to fit all the bulbs you require into the room.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring an Electrical Contractor in Westwood

When you are looking to hire an electrician to make repairs in your home, work on renovations that you are doing or to assist with any new building or construction you may have, you want to make sure that you take the time to select just the right service. The electrical work in your home is of critical importance so anyone that is doing this type of work for you need to meet certain standards. You do not want to simply hire the first person that comes along in an Internet search. As a highly experienced electrical contracting service, we have some basic do’s and don’ts that you may want to follow when you are looking to hire an electrical contractor in Westwood.

The Qualities to Look For

As a rule, anyone that is doing any type of electrical work in your home should always be properly licensed, insured and bonded to do this type of work. The licensing allows you to have faith in the work that they will do and let you know that they have the proper education, training and experience necessary to do professional electrical work. You also want to make sure they are insured to do the job in the event of any accidents or mishaps so that you know you are covered. You may want to consider choosing a contractor that has been in business for a long time and has many customers and references that you can refer to regarding the type of work performed.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring an Electrical Contractor in Westwood

What to be Wary of

Naturally, when you are hiring electrical contractor in Westwood, there are some things that you may want to be wary of. Any electrician that is willing to suggest cutting corners or doing any work that could be potentially unsafe just so that they can provide you with a lower bid or cheaper price may not be someone you want to work with. You want to know that the work you are getting is up to code and safe in every way so that you will not have any potential hazards. Someone that is willing to compromise your safety and standards is not someone you want to work with.

Reliability You Can Count On

When you are looking for an electrical contractor in Westwood, make sure to give us a call at Hoffer Electric at 310-321-4996. We at Hoffer Electric are licensed, bonded and insured and have been performing residential and commercial electrical services for almost 50 years. We can provide you with any and all of the electrical work you may need so you can be sure you get the best service.

What to Expect from a Residential Electrician in Calabasas

Whether you are moving into a home you just bought or built or are involved in renovations in your current home, you are going to have times where there is going to be electrical work that needs to be done. It could be getting appliances installed correctly, re-wiring a new area of the home, working on panels, installing new lighting or one of many other possibilities. Whatever the need is, you are going to want to be sure the work is done by a professional and experienced electrician. You have certain expectations of any residential electrician in Calabasas that you hire and we at Hoffer Electric make sure we meet and exceed all of those expectations.

The Professionalism You Want

Any electrician you hire needs to approach their work with the utmost professionalism. We make sure that any job we are involved in is treated as important and with the proper respect. We make sure that our business works with you in a professional manner right from the time you first contact our office. We can schedule an appointment with you and we will make sure our electrician shows up to your location on time. We perform a thorough evaluation of the situation and will provide you with a no cost quote for the work you need performed so you know just what to expect.

What to Expect from a Residential Electrician in Calabasas

Help with All of Your Electrical Needs

When you hire Hoffer Electric as your residential electrician in Calabasas you know that we will be there to assist you with all of your electrical needs. We can assist you with any type of electrical projects that you may need work on, from installing new lighting, ceiling fans and appliances to helping you completely re-wire an area of your home. We can also assist you with outdoor work such as lighting for your landscape, power to your pool or sauna or security lighting. We are also happy to help you with any repairs or troubleshooting you may need performed.

Call for an Appointment Today

Let us at Hoffer Electric be your residential electrician in Calabasas and help you with whatever you may need for electrical work. You can make an appointment with us simply by calling our office at 310-321-4996 or contact us through our website at and we can call you back right away to schedule a visit and provide you with an estimate for the work you need.

Upgrade Your Business through a Commercial Electrician in Calabasas

You have been working at the same office location or storefront for some years now, and it may be time for you to consider making some changes and improvements that can help boost your business. Your place is looking tired, and perhaps the equipment you have on hand is a bit dated and needs changing. Beyond the basic cosmetic looks, you also want to have an establishment that is comfortable for your employees and customers and allows your staff to work at maximum efficiency. To do this, you may need to make some electrical changes. At Hoffer Electric, we can help you upgrade your business when you use us as your commercial electrician in Calabasas.

Your Business Upgrades

There are a number of different upgrades that you can perform where an electrician can be helpful to you. Even if you are doing basic renovations to create better and more usable space in your store or office, you may need to have areas re-wired so that you can have easy access to the proper machinery or equipment you use. Installing new and more efficient lighting can be a big help as well. You might also want to upgrade the office equipment you are using or appliances you have at your facility, and for that, you may need new wiring installed. If you are considering upgrading your phone lines or computer lines, our electrical services can help you do this so that you have faster and more reliable services.

Work Done Right and On Time

Upgrade Your Business through a Commercial Electrician in Calabasas

When you hire us at Hoffer Electric to be your commercial electrician in Calabasas, you know that you are getting an experienced and professional service to work with you on your projects and renovations. We have served the area for fifty years and have worked with thousands of residential and commercial customers in that time, providing them with high-quality service. We will make sure that all of your electrical work gets done properly and safely and your project is completed on time and within your budget.

Speak to Us about Your Upgrades

If you are looking for a commercial electrician in Calabasas to work on your business location upgrades, please give us a call at Hoffer Electric at 310-321-4996. We can schedule an appointment with you for one of our professionals to come to your location and talk about the changes you want to make. We are happy to provide you with a no-cost quote for the work needed and can help you improve your electrical work and help your business grow.

Shed New Light on Your Business with a Commercial Electrician in West Hills

When you own and operate your own business, naturally you want to get the best work and production from your employees each day. To do this, you want to be sure that the workplace and areas in it are comfortable and beneficial to everyone physically and mentally. A big part of all of this is having the proper lighting for your office or store. Studies have shown that with proper lighting, workers will be more productive for you, feel better and work safer. If you need to make some changes to your lighting, you will want to call a commercial electrician in West Hills like us at Hoffer Electric.

Feel Better with Better Lighting

Better quality lighting in the workplace will have all of your employees feeling better. There will be much less eye strain that workers must deal with and this will cut down on things like headaches and eye fatigue that can lead to problems. The level of alertness will be higher with better lighting, making for a safer workplace and fewer errors occurring in work done. You may even find that your employees are happier and enjoy their work more because they have better lighting around them all day in the office.

Shed New Light on Your Business with a Commercial Electrician in West Hills

Choosing the Right Lighting

You will want to bring in a commercial electrician in West Hills like our service at Hoffer Electric when you need to change your lighting. We can come into your facility, evaluate the lighting you currently have available and make professional recommendations to you that can provide you with a better situation. You will find we can offer you the best options available regarding quantity, quality, style and design for new lighting installations that will work to improve conditions in your location. We can install all the lighting for you safely and efficiently so that you can work with minimal interruption.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are interested in learning more about some of the new lighting options that are available today, call us at Hoffer Electric so that you can hire a quality commercial electrician in West Hills. You can contact our office at 310-321-4996 and arrange for an appointment so that we can discuss your lighting, evaluate your location and provide you with a free estimate for the work so you can have better lighting in your office.