Why You Should Choose Electrician in Santa Monica

Electrician Santa Monica

An electrician in Santa Monica is a professional who can be hired to make any electrical repairs in the house. There’s no doubt that choosing the right electrician is a critical decision. When choosing a professional, you can rely on them to do quality work; you must take the time to learn more about each company you are considering hiring. It would help if you chose them to do the job instead of doing it yourself for many reasons. Here are five reasons Why You Should Choose electrician Santa Monica:

Experience in Their Field

When you need any electrical work done in your home, the place to go is with a local electrician. These people are some of the most important in the building trades, and knowing how to find a trustworthy one can make a huge difference in whether or not your home repairs are completed correctly and safely. This is especially true when installing electrical systems that power your home and keep things connected, like outlets, light fixtures, and all appliances. 

The right electrician can help you with everything from rewiring old homes to helping you put the finishing touches on a brand-new one. When it comes to hiring a good local electrician, there are many things you’ll want to look for: first, you should make sure they have experience working on homes like yours.

Electricians Santa Monica Are Professional and Reliable

When faced with an electrical problem, bringing in a pro is the right idea. You don’t want to get hurt or hurt anyone else, and you don’t want to risk a fire or loss of power to your home. Electrical problems can range from relatively minor (like flickering lights) to pretty serious (like electrical shorts), and whether it’s big or small, you’ll want someone who knows what they’re doing here. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in Santa Monica—one of the most popular cities in California—you have a lot of companies to choose from. When it comes down to it, though, we are professional and reliable. We’ve got experience and training on our side, but we’ll focus on our price point for this guide.

Quality Services Provided

It should be the most critical factor in your decision, to work with an electrician who will provide quality work. With many cheap electricians available, it can be tempting to go with someone who charges less, but you should think twice before going this route. 

An inexperienced or unqualified professional may leave you with more problems than they solve, so spending extra on someone who knows what they’re doing is worth it. Thankfully, qualified professionals are easy to come by: some electrician Santa Monica team has been helping homeowners for over 40 years, so they know what they’re doing.

They Are Affordable

The first thing you need to know about hiring an electrician in Santa Monica is that you can save money. Although the cost of an electrician in Santa Monica may seem high initially, it’s essential to consider the value that they can provide for you. A good electrician in Santa Monica will be able to save you from any mistakes and make sure the job is done correctly. The peace of mind that comes with this is priceless, meaning your initial investment will be returned tenfold.

 Electrician Santa Monica

There Is a Satisfaction Guarantee

When choosing a company to work with, you want to ensure they will be there for you in case something goes wrong. The company will not only do the needed work, but they will also guide you through the process. If there are any problems with services or products, the electrician in Santa Monica will ensure that they are resolved to your satisfaction. The fact that there is a satisfaction guarantee on the service is excellent for anyone who needs an electrician in their home. You will know that you can trust this company because of its reputation and because they stand behind what they do.

The top Los Angeles electrician for both homes and businesses, we are a family-run business. We have been in the electrical business for over 40 years, so we know what we’re doing and can provide a wide range of services. Residential wiring, commercial office buildings, retail centers, and tenant improvements are all areas in which we specialize. We have earned a stellar reputation among homeowners and general contractors for the superior quality of our work, reasonable rates, and timely completions. Our company is run by a Master Electrician licensed in Los Angeles, and all of our Journeyman Electricians have valid licenses from the state. Call us today for more information.

Yard Lighting Fixtures to Add Beauty and Security to Your Property

Electrician in Santa Monica

Yard lighting fixtures can add beauty and security to the exterior part of your house. There are different types and functions available. The best and the safest lighting will depend on where it is installed. Let an electrician in Santa Monica guide you. 

Electrician in Santa Monica in Improving Security in Your Home 

Outdoor lighting can have a variety of light fixtures that can improve the exterior’s security and safety. The fixture can highlight landscaping at night. Various options can range from floodlights to dust-to-dawn lights. You can also opt for solar motion lights. Unfortunately, not all of these lights are ideal for your property. To determine the perfect yard lighting fixture for your property, you can talk to our electrician. 

What Light Bulbs to Use? 

LED bulbs are the most popular. They cost more but they are more energy-efficient. Plus, they last longer than other bulbs. There are other options as well. Halogen and CFL bulbs can also be used. However, they can easily get hot. And if you choose CFLs, they can be hazardous when the bulbs break because they contain mercury. Hence, we highly recommend choosing LED lights. 

Electrician in Santa Monica

The Number of Lumens to Use 

Lumens are a measure of the brightness of the light. To make the bulb appear brighter, it should have more lumens. They differ from wattage because watts measure the power consumption of the bulbs. The lumens you need for your outdoor lighting will vary depending on where you wish to use the lights. When you shop for outdoor lights, make sure to look at the lumens and not the watts. If the lights are for security purposes, you can opt for a brighter flood light bulb. You may also use a timer for your floodlights and a motion sensor. 

Should Opt for Security and Flood Lights? 

They are high-intensity lights. They are perfect if you wish to flood the area with light. You can use them to reduce criminal activity. They can also help you feel safe. But you can get more protection and safety when you install a motion sensor. It causes the light to turn on every time it perceives movement. 

Security Lighting 

  • Motion-sensor light. It’s activated each time the sensor detects movement. It also provides a range of illumination. If there are no movements, the lights are deactivated. It’s a perfect way to save energy. 
  • Dusk-to-dawn light. It’s also a good option for your home security. It turns on when the sun is out and turns off when the sun rises. It keeps the exteriors illuminated throughout the night. 
  • Switch-control light. As the term implies, you can operate it with a switch. You can turn it on when you need it. 

It’s important to install security lights with correct wattage bulbs. Although they can illuminate the area, they should not blind you while walking. 

What Options to Choose from? 

Talk to our electrician in Santa Monica today to study the best yard lighting fixtures on your property. Call us here: (323) 329-6064.

Improve Productivity in the Office with Quality Commercial Electrician in Santa Monica

Whether you have a large office with dozens of employees or just a small place where there are a handful of people each day, you still want to create the best atmosphere for your employees. A comfortable atmosphere will help everyone feel good about coming to work each day, and it will help people work to their best potential each day. There can be many factors that affect the productivity of your workers, and one way you can help improve the atmosphere around the office is to turn to a quality commercial electrician in Santa Monica for help.

An Electrician for Lighting Recommendations

The lighting you have in your office can have an impact on the productivity of your employees. If employees are struggling to see what they are doing during the workday, you may find that they have trouble getting everything done that you may need to be accomplished on a given day. Bringing in a commercial electrician to help evaluate the lighting you have and to provide you with recommendations can help you get better lighting into your office. With better lighting, there will be less eye strain, fewer headaches, and people can work better.

quality commercial electrician in santa monica

Better Wiring from a Quality Commercial Electrician in Santa Monica

A quality Commercial electrician in Santa Monica can also help your office by supplying you with better wiring for your computers and phone systems. If you have constant problems with Internet connections or have a phone system that is overtaxed or regularly drops calls, these factors will influence how effective your workers can be for you. Getting new wiring can vastly improve productivity, allowing your systems to stay functioning at their best all the time. Not only you will have a more reliable system, but you will also notice that your productivity increases thanks to these improvements in your wiring.

The Commercial Electrician to Call If Living In Santa Monica

If you would like a commercial electrician in Santa Monica to come into your office, perform an evaluation, and provide recommendations to you regarding improvements, give us a call here at Hoffer Electric. We are commercial electricity experts and can provide you with the guidance and work you need to help improve productivity and comfort in your office. Call our office today at (323) 922-5205 to make an appointment with us so we can help you solve your productivity issues.

Get an Electrical Contractor in Santa Monica for Your Home Renovation

With the new year right around the corner, many people start to think about the new things they would like to do with their homes in the coming year. You can sit down and plan out the renovations you want to make, whether it is completely redoing your bedroom, finishing the basement so you can finally have that “man cave” you want or putting an addition on your home so each of the kids can have their own room. These projects involve detailed work that you will need to be done, and they all likely involve some electrical work changes as well. You want to get an electrical contractor in Santa Monica to help you with your home renovation so that the final product is perfect in every way.

A Contractor and Lighting

Choosing just the right lighting for your new room or space takes some insight and experience. You want to make sure the lighting looks its best, but you also need to make sure it operates properly, is installed safely and meets current building codes for wiring. Bringing in an electrical specialist to do this work for you will help ensure that you get the best lighting for the area in your home and that your wiring is done the right way from start to finish so that you do not have to worry about potential shorts or hazards.


an Electrical Contractor in Santa Monica


Getting Current Electrical Work with an electrical contractor in Santa Monica

An electrical contractor in Santa Monica will also work to make sure that the electrical work done for your renovation can handle the electrical load. With the many technological advances made today making new appliances and electrical equipment in our homes more complex than ever, having the right wiring and electrical work in your home is important so that you can be sure all your equipment works well. A good contractor will make sure that you have the circuits, breakers, and panels needed.

Quality Workmanship from a Contractor

When you want to make sure you get quality workmanship from an electrical contractor in Santa Monica for your home renovation, you want to call us here at Hoffer Electric. With over fifty years of experience in the area, we are the electrical service you want to help you with your home. We can assist with all the electrical components of your renovation project to leave you with the best work. To discuss your project with us and arrange for an in-home evaluation, phone us at (323) 922-5205 so we can schedule a time to meet with you.

Your Local Commercial Electrician in Santa Monica Helps Improve Your Business

No matter what type of business you own, having the best electrical systems at your location can have a significant impact on your business and your customers. The last thing you want is customers leaving your restaurant or bar because the lighting is so poor or losing customers because your phone systems are unreliable or you constantly have power issues that disrupt your ability to fill orders. To make sure that you have the best systems to keep your business running smoothly and successfully, you want the help of a local commercial electrician in Santa Monica like us at Hoffer Electric.

Your Local Commercial Electrician in Santa Monica Helps Improve Your Business

The Right Commercial Electrical Infrastructure

Having a quality electrical infrastructure is essential to your business. You need to know that you have the support you need to do your job well, whether it is running appliances to cook meals, operating cash registers, or having office equipment or machines critical to your processes. Hiring an electrician with commercial experience can help you make sure you have the infrastructure necessary to provide proper power in all the areas you need without the fear of shorts or outages all the time. With everything running well, you can keep your business moving ahead.

Lighting from a Commercial Electrician

The lighting you have in your office, store or other business can have a big impact on the satisfaction of your customers and the capability of your employees. Hiring a commercial electrician in Santa Monica like us at Hoffer Electric can help ensure that you have the lighting that works best for your needs and setting. You can have lighting that allows your employees to work comfortably without eye strain, or that sets the right mood and atmosphere for your customers, so they feel happy, at ease, and welcome.

A Commercial Electrician to Meet Your Needs

At Hoffer Electric, we are the commercial electrician in Santa Monica that can help give your business just the boost you need. Look at the various services we have listed here on our website to see what we can do for you, and then call us at (323) 922-5205 to speak with our office and arrange for a consultation with one of our experienced electricians. We can meet with you and discuss your needs, provide you with options, and perform quality work for you that will make the impact on your business that you want.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Electrician in Santa Monica

Because so many of us use electrical devices so often today, it is not unusual that we often take for granted that our devices will work all the time and our electricity is fine. No matter how new or old your home may be, there will come a time where you have issues with a device, an outlet, your circuits, or other electrical issues. Trying to do things like fix wiring or diagnose an electrical problem without knowledge and experience can be dangerous for you, so it is advisable for you to seek a professional to assist. Following these simple tips for finding a reputable electrician in Santa Monica can help ensure you get the right help for your project.

Have a List for Your Electrician

Before you start making calls or looking on the Internet for an electrician, it is a good idea for you to walk around your home and find the different issues that you need to be addressed. Look for areas like spots with open wiring, areas where you know you have issues with particular outlets, issues you may have with lighting or appliances, your fuse box, or places where you want new wiring or something new installed like a ceiling fan. Once you have compiled a list of what you need to be done, you will know what to ask of the electricians that you contact.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Electrician in Santa Monica

Sizing up an Electrician

You are going to spend some time talking with different services to find an electrician in Santa Monica, so you want to be prepared to ask them appropriate questions so you can see if they are the right company for the job. You want to make sure you do more than just consider how much an electrician will charge for the job. You want an affordable electrician that you know is licensed, insured, and has the reputation of providing the best work for each job they work on.

An Electrician You Can Count On

When you want a reputable electrician in Santa Monica that you know you can count on, call us at Hoffer Electric. We have spent over fifty years building a quality reputation among residential and commercial clients, providing the best electrical services possible time and again. Phone us at (310)321-4996 to speak to our office, ask questions, and set up an appointment with us so we can go over your electrical needs and provide you with the best work at the best price.

Keep These Things in Mind When Hiring a Residential Electrician in Santa Monica

Hiring an electrician today to work on your home is so much more than just picking a name from a phone listing or online search. Making the wrong choice can mean more to you than spending money on mediocre work; it can also put your home and family in danger. To make sure you get a qualified electrician you can trust, you need to make sure you keep a few things in mind before you agree to let someone do electrical work for you. Remember these important facts when hiring a residential electrician in Santa Monica and you are more likely to choose someone who will do great work for you.

Hire an Insured Residential Electrician

It is vital that whoever you hire be a service that is not only properly licensed by the state to do electrical work but also carries insurance. While you may not give the notion of insurance much of a thought, the truth is that if an accident happens or something goes wrong, you want to know you are protected and covered. A trustworthy electrical service is going to be licensed, insured, and bonded so you can have complete faith in the work they are performing for you.

Hiring a Residential Electrician in Santa Monica

An Electrician That Offers Quality

Hiring a residential electrician in Santa Monica means you want someone that you can trust to provide quality work for you. You want someone highly reliable, so you know they will show up when they schedule an appointment with you, and you want to know that they have the necessary skills to troubleshoot and diagnose problems properly, so repair work is done correctly. A service that installs shoddy or inferior wiring or does not know what current codes are can leave you with electrical work that is dangerous to use.

Getting the Best Residential Electrician

To make sure you have the best residential electrician in Santa Monica to do work in your home, contact us here at Hoffer Electric. Since 1967 we have been providing the residents of Southern California with troubleshooting, repairs, installations, and other electrical services. You can read more about how we can help you with your home here on our website. You can also phone us at (310)321-4996 to arrange for a service call, and we can come to you and let you know how we can help you with your home’s electricity.

Electrician Santa Monica. We Repair & Install All Electrical Systems in Santa Monica

Electrician Santa Monica

Do you need the services of an Electrician Santa Monica that is reputable and knowledgeable? There is no one better to turn to than our staff at Hoffer Electric. Because we are capable of repairing and installing any electrical system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your house is in excellent hands with us. You don’t want to leave anything up to chance when figuring out how to fix the issues in your home. When electrical problems arise in your house, the first name you should trust is that of Electrician Santa Monica.

For this reason, you should call them right away. We at Hoffer Electric pride ourselves on being the most qualified electricians in Santa Monica, and we are prepared to assist you with any of your requirements. Today, we would like to discuss a few factors that make us the optimal solution for your needs and why we believe we would be the most acceptable option for you.

We Have Years of Experience

Hoffer Electric has been in business for a long time, and we’ve picked up a few tips along the way. We know how to do the job well the first time. We’re your best option when it comes to bringing your house or office’s electrical system up to code. We always stand behind our work with a warranty for your peace of mind. With Hoffer Electric, you can rest easy knowing that your Santa Monica electrical system will last long. In the winter, your electricity will keep you warm and cool. Incorrect wiring shouldn’t create any difficulties, such as your lights turning out abruptly. Some businesses, however, employ individuals with little or no expertise and then attempt to pass them off as experts. That is not the case with us. They are experts who know how to complete the task on time and within budget. Because they care about what they do, they will do everything in their power to ensure that every one of their clients is entirely happy.

We Are Licensed and Insured as An Electrician Santa Monica

Hoffer Electric is the place to go if you are looking for an electrician Santa Monica who will get the job done promptly while maintaining high professionalism. Our electricians hold valid licenses, are covered by insurance, and are bonded. Every single one has previous experience working in residential and commercial settings. Any electrical problem that you may be experiencing in your home or place of business can be resolved by our team. We will be there to assist you with anything from replacing a single light bulb to maintaining a more complex electrical system. It is both an indication of the quality and a guarantee that the customer will have some kind of redress available if something goes wrong with the work. If you go with Hoffer Electric as your electrical contractor, you can be sure this will be the case.

We Offer Competitive Rates.

There is a widespread belief that all electricians in Santa Monica are pricey, which is particularly problematic for those with urgent electrical issues that need immediate attention. We would want to put the record straight by saying that Hoffer Electric is not only one of the most cost-effective options available to you in the region, but we are also among the most dependable. Since we began providing our clients in the Santa Monica area more than three decades ago, we have consistently maintained a high-quality standard while maintaining competitive pricing. You’ll discover that our prices are on par with, or even cheaper than, those of other high-quality businesses in the region. They come with a satisfaction guarantee that covers one hundred percent of customers. We are available for you whenever you want an electrician’s services, whether for maintenance, repairs, or simply an inspection of your electrical system.

Electrician Santa Monica

We Pride Ourselves on Our Quality Workmanship

We are proud of the high quality of our work. When our customers come to us with their projects, they do so because they are confident that the result will be improved due to the attention that we have shown throughout the process. Additionally, we know that our customers’ value of workmanship is not just predicated on how something seems; instead, they value both resilient and long-lasting craftsmanship. Because we take pride in the quality of our work and provide guarantees on all of our goods and services, you can be sure that they will continue to serve you well for many years.

The most professional electrician Santa Monica can trust is here at Hoffer Electric. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the latest techniques and technology. We realize how important it is to correctly get your repairs done right the first time; that’s why we provide 24/7 emergency service. Call us at (323) 329-6064 or (818) 999-4190 for more details.

Save Money with These Electricity Saving Tips from An Electrician Santa Monica

Electrician Santa Monica

You may save money on your monthly power expenditures by implementing a few of these easy strategies, even though electricity bills can be rather pricey. A homeowner interested in reducing their energy use might benefit from the recommendations of an electrician in Santa Monica. Santa Monica is a lovely seaside city that offers a wide variety of things to see and do. Even if it may be warm all year round, it does not imply that you should be required to pay for heat if you do not need it. This blog article has all the information you need to reduce the cost of your monthly power bill and save money in the process. To assist you in lowering the amount of money you spend on your monthly energy bills, an electrician in Santa Monica has provided the following advice.

Make Sure All Appliances Are Properly Plugged in And Turned Off When Not in Use

When it comes to your power bill each year, you may not even know it. The good news is that a slew of options is available to lower your monthly energy bills. When it comes to power conservation and efficiency, these are the two most critical considerations. Improve your home’s power use and save money simultaneously by reducing consumption and increasing efficiency. Start by looking at the many devices hooked into your home’s electrical system. While some of them are plugged into their power strips, you may note that some are connected to other equipment connected to a power strip. Do not leave electronic gadgets plugged into the same outlet or power strip as other devices in your home. They should be fully disconnected from any energy sources if they’re not utilized.

Take Advantage of Natural Daylight and Limit the Use of Artificial Lighting

One of the simplest actions is to relocate yourself so that you are sitting closer to a window. After all, the sun doesn’t cost a thing! Consider putting mirrors that reflect light into gloomy areas where you spend the most of your time, such as the dining room or the kitchen, if you don’t want to make any significant alterations to your living space but want to make some improvements. If you had used overhead lights instead of these lamps, you would have wasted less light, but you would not have been able to enjoy the view as much. You may discover that these mirrors also contribute one-of-a-kind design elements to your home. If you decide to make alterations to your house to enhance the quantity of natural lighting present there, you will also be able to tailor it better to meet your requirements.

Set Your Thermostat to A Reasonable Temperature for Winter and Summer, And Dress Appropriately for The Season

You don’t need the assistance of an electrician in Santa Monica to set your thermostat to an appropriate temperature; you only need to consider what temperature is most comfortable for you and your family, and then stick to that setting! Everyone wants their houses to be much cooler than normal over the warm summer months so that they may relax and take advantage of the season. Keep your thermostat in the colder zone, according to the recommendation of an electrician from Santa Monica (or get one that will let you set different temperatures for different times of day). If your apartment is somewhat cooler, you won’t feel as hot during the day, giving you more energy, and you won’t have as much trouble sleeping at night since you won’t have to remove all the covers. You may potentially notice a reduction of as much as ten percent on your monthly cost for utilities!

According To an Electrician in Santa Monica, You Should Hang Laundry to Dry Instead of Using the Dryer Whenever Possible

Laundry drying is a huge thing when saving money on your power bill. If you’re not using your dryer, you’ll save significant money on your utility bill by not drying your clothes. Use clothespins to hang your laundry on a shower curtain pole if you have children and no clothesline (or porch) in your house. Hanging it on the line every time you wash laundry will save you money in the long run since it will be out of sight and dry fast enough for you to wear it that day. 

Some people prefer not to wait for their clothing to dry outdoors, so they’ll put them in the dryer for an extended period. Wet clothing may be thrown into dryers after they’ve finished drying to avoid having to remove the garments. You may want to open the door if you find yourself doing this. This can help your garments dry more quickly the following time around since it will remove some of the excess moisture.

Electrician Santa Monica

Plug Appliances into Power Strips and Turn Them Off When Not in Use

Think of how much easier life would be if everyone in the household could act as a gigantic power strip. Technically, you could do it. That way, you don’t have to worry about how long the iron was left on or how long the TV was running while no one was watching it. (Although certain items, like computers and televisions, should never be turned off or disconnected.) Let’s start with the appliances you already own. Plug them onto a power strip that allows you to switch off specific appliances before you do anything else. Make your kitchen counters less cluttered by purchasing extra power strips, which will allow you to keep your appliances plugged in at all times. When you’re not using your hair straighteners or blenders, you may save money by simply turning them off with these power strips. This might result in large savings over time, depending on how often you use them.

Hoffer Electric is a family-owned and operated business that’s been helping customers with their electrical needs for over ten years. Hoffer Electric is licensed, bonded, and insured to handle all of your electrical needs. From simple wiring or fixture replacement to the most complex jobs, contact Hoffer Electric today at (323) 329-6064 or (818) 999-4190 for more.

What Can a Multi-Function Electrical Contractor in Santa Monica Do For You?

Electrical Contractor In Santa Monica

A multi-function electrical contractor in Santa Monica is just another way of saying “An electricians service where they do lots of stuff.” As you know, there are some electricians services where they work on commercial property and others where they work on residential things, or on agricultural buildings and some on oil rigs. A multi-function service is a multi-discipline service. They are the sort of electricians you can set to any task and they have somebody on staff who is an expert.

What Can They Do For Me?

It all depends on the type of electrician services you need. They can do everything from wiring up the electronics on your boat, to setting up your electric car charging station. The most commonly requested services for residential buildings are:

  • New Circuits
  • Panel Upgrades
  • New Breakers
  • Recess Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans & Attic Fans
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recessed & Track Lighting
  • Hot Tubs & Saunas
  • Troubleshooting & Repairs
  • Service Changes & Panels
  • Kitchens & Bath Remodeling
  • Aluminum repair & Rewire
  • Landscape & Yard Lighting
  • 220 Range & Dryer Circuits

Be very careful when hiring somebody to work in a residential area. There are a lot of rogue traders out there who know a bit about electronics, but they do not know enough to keep you safe.

Electrical Contractor In Santa Monica

What About Commercial Buildings?

Frankly, there are so many different facets to commercial buildings that it is difficult to nail down all the available services. Some companies need electrical checks because their insurance companies insist on them, and others need industrial machinery wired up. Here are a few common requests that electricians have to deal with.

  • Retail Electrical Repairs
  • Pools & Spa wring
  • New Breakers
  • Troubleshooting
  • Office Buildings
  • Ballasts Replacement
  • New Construction & Remodeling
  • New Circuits
  • Phone & Computer Wiring
  • Lighting Systems & Repairs

What About Industrial Concerns?

In many cases, in an industrial setting, there is a bigger emphasis on safety. This is often because the voltages are much higher. Plus, there are added environmental hazards that often need to be accounted for. Here are a few of the most commonly requested services for industrial concerns.

  • Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment
  • Control & Automation Equipment
  • Machine Shops & Cabinet Shops
  • Airport Hangers & Metal Buildings
  • High Voltage System Installation

Since industrial setups can be very dangerous, you may need an electrician that is correctly insured. Some contractors may not be insured to enter dangerous areas or work in hazardous conditions. Be sure to fully explain the situation to the contractor before hiring and figure out how much of your and their insurance covers possible accidents.

Where Do I Find A Multi-Function Electricians Service?

If you are looking for an electrical contractor in Santa Monica, then the only multi-function service in the area is Hoffer Electric. The team is staffed with multi-discipline professionals who have years of experience and knowledge that they can apply to your project. If you need any form of electrical work, big or small, then get in touch. You will be pleasantly surprised.