Electrician in Santa Monica Providing Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Each time a new home trend gets introduced in the market, homeowners make it a point to keep up with the times. Some of these improvements may require electrical installations, and for such, you need the services of an electrician in Santa Monica.

Recessed lightings are one current trend that can transform a room to make it look more spacious. It requires replacing traditional hanging lights with recessed lighting. To make sure that the replacement is properly and safely done, contact a licensed electrician.

Recessed lighting types

One great feature of recessed lighting is that it comes in different colors, giving you the option to choose the one you desired. There are even trims and reflectors available in varying colors too. This gives you more options when selecting them for when you want to update your room.

Electrician in Santa Monica
Another benefit of recessed lighting is that it prevents the accumulation of dust, meaning it requires less maintenance. Furthermore, the lights inside the ceiling make them safer for children compared to hanging lights.

More efficient lighting

Good home lighting creates a better, more comfortable, and safer environment. With the right lighting, you can see well enough without having to strain your eyes. Eye strain causes fatigue and, eventually, may lead to potential accidents or errors.

To make this all come into fruition, you will need a professional electrician from the Santa Monica area to install the new wirings required for your home’s better lighting system.

Recessed lighting to improve your home’s appearance

Recessed lightings are generally used in small rooms or those in which you want to look more spacious. This is its primary purpose, a lighting system that makes a confined space look bigger because there’s more visual space.

To make this effect, the Santa Monica electrician will install the recessed lights inside the ceiling. This takes away those hanging lights that obstruct the visual space between the ceiling and the floor.

People can have different reasons for why they want recessed lightings installed in their homes, but the favorite one is for the design. For instance, you may want to use recessed lighting to emphasize other objects in your home.

The lights provided by recessed lights can help make these items appear attractive and draw the attention of your house guests.

Another reason why the use of recessed lightings grows more popular is that it has something to do with the wall-washing effect. With this, the lighting effect directs more light across the room by using the right kind of light trim.

 Safety is key

Hiring the services of a licensed professional electrician in Santa Monica is a guarantee to make your family and home safe, electrically speaking. When professionals from Hoffer Electric come to your home, they will evaluate and test the current wirings you have.

They will check to ensure that everything works correctly according to current codes and that your present wirings can handle the electrical load needed for the electronics in your home.

If required, they can update wirings to make your home safer and avoid potential issues with outages and shorts too.

Expert Electrician in Santa Monica: Tips to Save Energy at home

There is lots of advice you will get for you to save energy in your home. But, many of these suggestions might need costly modifications to the appliances that you already possess.

While investing in new and more efficient technology might be of a huge benefit in the long run, you don’t have to spend more money. Consider the following energy-saving tips for your home.

Heating or cooling system

There is no doubt that the heating and air conditioning take a huge part of your utility bill. To reduce such a bill, do the following things:

Electrician in Santa Monica

  • Place dark curtains during the summer to protect your windows. This will prevent the sunlight from getting into your home and increasing the temperature while keeping in the heat during the winter period.
  • Instead of using air conditioning, use ceiling fans because a fan utilizes less amount of electricity.
  • Plant a tree near your home to give your home shade. This will keep home cool during the hot season.
  • Cover the floor of your home with rugs to keep it warm during the winter period.

 Manage the lighting

It’s essential to check that the lighting of your house is not using more electricity than required. By utilizing compact fluorescent light bulbs, you will save a lot of energy because they are highly efficient.

While some people prefer lamp timers as they turn off on their own when you are not around, others decorate their lights with light-colored lampshades to make the room brighter while using fewer bulbs.

Home Appliances

Most essential home appliances such as washers, refrigerators, and ovens help us a lot, but these appliances can also cause damage to the environment.

It doesn’t matter that you have energy-saving certified appliances, try these methods to reduce energy consumption:

  1. When using a stove, ensure that you place small pans and pots on small burners. This will prevent extra heat from being wasted from your stove.
  2. Rather than washing clothes with hot or warm water, use cold water to save on heating costs.
  3. Keep your freezer full because it takes more energy to cool down an empty refrigerator.
  4. Open the oven only when the food has completed cooking. By allowing the hot air to escape from the oven, it will need extra energy to put back the required amount of temperature.

Manage the electronic appliances

Whether you are using a specific electronics for work or play, these devices spend most of the time plugged in. However, always charging these appliances can take up a lot of electricity. These steps will save you money and make the world a better place to live in:

  • Unplug all the electronics such as chargers and extension cords when you are not using them.
  • For large electronics like computers and TVs, use a power strip. Once you switch off the power strip, there will be no energy going to your device.
  •  Instead of using a desktop, let charge your laptop and use it while it’s not plugged.

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The Troubleshooting Skills of an Electrician in Santa Monica

We all experience it as a homeowner – the light in the hallway that constantly goes out, the dim lighting in the bedroom, or the blown circuits you get every time your kid plugs in one of their video games. These nagging problems are part of owning a home for sure, but that does not mean you have to put up with them day after day. If you are having issues big or small with your appliances, electricity, or lighting, trying to figure them out on your own can be fruitless. You are much better off turning to someone with expert troubleshooting skills like us at Hoffer Electric, the electrician in Santa Monica you can trust.

An Electrician Who Knows What to Look For

When you have one of our electricians come to your home for a service call, you are getting someone that is expert in the work they do. Our electricians are all highly trained and experienced, and we work to make sure everyone on our staff is up-to-date on all the latest technology and wiring so that they can diagnose problems well. Whether it is an issue with your circuits, breakers, or wiring, we can figure out what is wrong for you.

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Avoid Dangerous Situations with a Qualified Electrician

Hiring an electrician in Santa Monica can help you avoid potentially dangerous and harmful situations. Problems with electrical work in your home can lead to sparks and shorts that can begin fires, endangering you and your family. Trying to troubleshoot electrical problems on your own without proper knowledge will also put you in danger. You and the people you love could be exposed to situations where you can get shocked or burned. Getting a professional to look at problems is a much safer solution for you.

We Have an Electrician to Help You

The next time you need electrical troubleshooting, call for an expert electrician in Santa Monica here at Hoffer Electric. With over fifty years of experience helping customers, you know you will get an electrician that can analyze the situation correctly. Give us a call at (323) 922-5205 so you can set up a service call and take care of those electrical issues in your home once and for all. Alternatively, you can send us an email to dbhoffer@socal.rr.com or a message with your details using our online contact form.