Find an Electrician in Culver City for New Homes And Additions

All electrical work requires to be done appropriately. And a qualified electrician knows the type of work you need for your new home and additions. Wrong wiring is a recipe for fire. And that should be reason enough to hire a professional electrician in Culver City.

Poorly designed circuits can cause damage to electrical appliances by delivering incorrect amperage. Overloaded circuits can cause the breaker to trip. Or your fuse might blow, leaving you without electricity.

Hiring Culver City electricians can help you to prevent these problems in your new home and additions.

Picking the right electrician

Electricians have their areas of specialization. So, some of them focus on new homes and additions. Others go only for service calls to handle faulty fixtures. Those who specialize in new homes and additions have experience in wiring.
Electrician in Culver City

It also includes installing wires through finished walls or evaluating whether to place an extra service panel when there is a higher power demand. The excellent source of finding the right electrician is through general contractors.

They will give you a list of reliable electricians. And you can also check with an electrical supplier in your local area. The electrician should have a copy of the state license and proof of insurance to make sure that you are getting the best electrician.

Managing the project

For new homes and additions, electricians use electrical plans created by an architect or a designer. These plans have outlets, label fixtures, and switch locations. However, these plans are generated before you choose the light fixtures, meaning it’s your responsibility to give your electrician all the details.

You can prevent running into problems by asking the electrician how much time do they need for the fixtures, so that you have enough time to buy the products. So, the best option is to come up with a list of your requirements and give all the details to the electrician to buy them. This process benefits you because the electrician takes responsibility for warranty aspects, defective products, and breakages.

Also, it saves you time and energy of moving around purchasing the electrical products needed for your home.

Contact us

So, if you are looking for an electrician in Culver City, check out for Hoffer Electric. We are fully licensed electricians and offer electrical installations in Culver City for new homes and additions.

Whether you need a complete house wiring or troubleshooting, give us a call at 323-922-5205 for more details about our services.

Can Recessed Lighting be Used Outdoors?

Electrical Contractor in Culver City

An electrical contractor in Culver City can install recessed lighting outdoors. It is safe to use in or out of your house. Most homeowners in Culver City have been proven that outdoor recessed lighting works in providing the right functionality and mood for your property’s exterior. It offers clean unobtrusive space because of its form. 

Electrical Contractor in Culver City to Help Choose the Ideal Recessed Light Fixtures

You may think that purchasing recessed lights is a simple process. But the market has different types of recessed fixtures. It makes the selection quite tricky. This is where hiring an electrician becomes beneficial. 

An electrical contractor will help you choose the ideal recessed light fixtures. Keep in mind that the fixtures don’t only depend on the appearance or your preference but also based on where the fixtures are installed. 

Electrical Contractor in Culver City

Choose LED Lights 

You can opt to use other types of lights. But our electricians highly recommend the use of LED. This type of light offers many options. It’s also dimmable. Plus, its casings are shatter-proof. Furthermore, LED lights use less energy than incandescent lights. Then, these lights last 25 times longer.

Opt for Outdoor Lights

Recessed lighting can indeed be used outdoors. But you need to use lights that are designed for outdoor use. Indoor lights can’t be used outdoor because they’re not resistant to moisture and debris. They are not designed that way. If you do choose to install indoor lights for outdoor recessed lighting, they can put your house at risk of fire. It’s easy to know which light is for outdoor use. A light with the “for damp locations label” is meant for outdoor use. You may also see lights with a proper UL rating. They, too, are designed for this purpose. 

Consult with an Electrician for Lighting Controls 

Lighting controls are dimmers, timers, motion sensors, etc. They can help create energy-efficient lighting in your house. Choosing them will help you save a significant amount of money. If you wish to install recessed lighting outdoors and lighting controls, consider talking to our electricians. Our professional electricians will determine the right lighting controls for your property. Keep in mind that you can find recessed lighting that has no dimming capacity. If you choose to install it with lighting control, the lights won’t perform well. They’ll still use the same amount of energy but they won’t give you the proper lighting that you want. 

Different Techniques

There are different techniques to add recessed lighting to the exterior of your house. You should also consider the lighting trims. They are essential in shaping or cutting the fixture where the bulb sits. Some options can give you a way to play around with the aesthetic to help you achieve the kind of lighting that you want outdoor. Before you even consider installing recessed lighting for outdoor use, make sure to talk to our electrical contractor in Culver City. Various options and techniques might be foreign to you be all too common for our electricians. Talk to us today and we can help you choose the right options: (323) 329-6064.