An Electrician in Calabasas to Deal with Electrical Fires

When you own commercial property, it comes with many responsibilities. You need to make sure it is safe for those inside and enables them to do the work they have to do.

Electrical fires are one problem that puts commercial buildings and the people who work in them at risk. Fires are often caused by issues such as faulty wiring and addressing such issues reduces risks and increases safety.

If unqualified individuals have modified the electrical circuitry in a building, the risk of fire increases. Electrical code violations by individuals or shoddy repair work can easily result in a fire. If you suspect that a commercial building you have bought may have wiring that’s not up to code, you need to have it checked out.

Wiring issues

An older commercial building may have dated wiring causing various problems, such as overloaded circuits and shorts in lighting and equipment.

An electrician in Calabasas can come out to your building, perform a maintenance check and evaluate your wiring to make sure it is safe and up to code. He may find that rewiring is necessary and you may need more breakers.
An Electrician in Calabasas


Common causes of commercial fires are forgotten coffee pots, smoldering cigarettes or problems with computer wiring. The fire risks increase as the number of people working in a building increase.

It’s usually the use of the equipment rather than the equipment itself that causes a fire in a commercial building. Electrical equipment that is misused or overloaded and lack of proper maintenance can be disastrous.

Furnaces, water heaters and boilers

Strict codes and regulations exist regarding the installation, use and maintenance of furnaces, water heaters and boilers. Incorrect installation or lack of regular maintenance can trigger a fire.

What to look for in an Electrician in Calabasas?

When looking for a commercial electrician, find out what other companies have used for their electrical services and whether they performed the job effectively, on time and within budget.

You will also want to make sure that electricians are fully licensed, insured and bonded if you want them to assist you with your electrical concerns. Any electrician should be licensed by the state and have the experience to know what to look for and how to execute services safely and expertly.

The most reputable electrical contracting services post their license and insurance information online so you can see they are legitimate and that the state has verified their services.

Hoffer Electrical has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for more than 40 years. We have a team of expert electricians ready to assist you. We will check your electricity and make you aware of any problem areas or places where you can improve your efficiency.

Call us at (323) 922-5205 or (818) 999-4190 to schedule a service call. Your risk of electrical fires decreases when you have a reliable, licensed electrician to call upon. Prevention is always better than reacting when you have an emergency on your hands.

Lighting Up Your Business with Commercial Electricians in Calabasas, CA

Want your commercial property to look exactly how you would like? Hiring a skilled commercial electricians in Calabasas, CA, can be one of the finest decisions you can make. Not only will this assist in establishing your brand, but it will also ensure that your visitors can let go while being safe.

Whether you’re looking for colorful lighting with LED lights, a brighter, better-illuminated commercial establishment, or just a storefront that looks how you would want, there are many reasons to reach out to a professional to make your place of business look like a place that anyone would want to do business with. 

Lighting Makes a Great First Impression

Have you ever seen a store from the outside and thought “eh, that’s not really somewhere I’d be interested in going?” Maybe you didn’t say those exact words but you thought it to yourself? If so, you aren’t alone. The truth is that lighting makes a critical first impression, whether you notice it from outside or once you open the door. Whether it’s for your exterior or your interior, our electricians can help. 

The first step is to get the correct lighting from Commercial Electricians in Calabasas, CA. For optimal safety, check that anything anyone could potentially trip over, or slip and fall on outside are properly illuminated. If you have any overhead lighting, you should install dimmer switches so that you can alter the brightness as the night progresses. If you have a patio or stairs leading up to your property, installing lights may help attract guests’ attention and provide a relaxing tone even before they enter.

Lighting Lets Someone Know They’re in a Professional Establishment 

For many reasons, when it comes to places of business, we associate lighting with competence. The odds are low, for example, that you’ve been in a commercial establishment where the lighting was poor yet the services and/or goods were exemplary. Whether expressly stated or not, we ask ourselves: “if this business can’t handle quality lighting, how can they possibly provide me with the solutions that I’m looking for?” 

Now, that’s not to say that great lighting will make or break a business. But, it can make or break a first impression. By having the best lighting for your commercial building, you give yourself the best possible opportunity to be able to win a customer/client over. Without quality lighting, your odds drop precipitously. 

Lighting Services from Commercial Electricians in Calabasas, CA, Helps Keep Guests Feel Safe 

Lighting is, in so many ways, indicative of safety. Lighting makes it possible to see where you’re going as well as where you’ve been. Of course, by having great lighting inside, you showcase what’s best about your business. Whether it’s your staff, your goods, or anything else, interior lighting can do so much for your business. 

Exterior lighting can, too. Yes, it can help to make a great first impression. But, it also lets people know that they can be safe with your business. A commercial building that doesn’t have a well-lit exterior is one that looks like it may have ceased doing business some time ago. 

Commercial Electricians in Calabasas

Lighting Can Make Your Guests Feel Safe and Comfortable

Guests will feel more at ease and secure if the area is well-lit. When bringing customers to your place of business, it is essential to provide enough illumination to prevent guests from injuring themselves due to tripping over obstacles. This will also aid in maintaining a clean appearance in the area. When celebrating inside, good lighting ensures guests can relax and enjoy one another’s company without straining their eyes.

If you have a commercial place of business, you don’t have time to worry about the little details, like whether your lights will work or something similar. Protect your investment Contact Hoffer Electric at (323) 329-6064 and our commercial electrician team will ensure you have everything you need to grow your business.

Reasons to Hire Commercial Electrician in Calabasas

Commercial Electrician in Calabasas

Getting the services of a commercial electrician in Calabasas is important for various reasons. The most basic explanation is that you need anything connected or fixed, and only a trained expert can perform a  good job. But even if you don’t have any electrical issues right now, it still makes sense to hire only a professional electrician. An electrician on call, for instance, ensures that any electrical problems may be dealt with immediately. 

A professional electrician can also make sure that your electrical system is up to date, which is crucial for safety and efficiency. You should get an electrician at this time. Given the abundance of competent local specialists, you can afford to take your time in selecting the best one for your needs. The following are some arguments in favor of doing so:

They Have the Experience and Expertise To Get The Job Done Right

As the owner of a company, you are aware that employing the incorrect individual for a position might have very negative repercussions. Ensure that your staff members have the resources and training they need to do their jobs effectively. You can be confident that commercial electricians in Calabasas have the knowledge and skills necessary to get the job done correctly, even if many folks work in their garages or basements for fun. 

When constructing electrical systems, there is no alternative to expertise; every structure is distinct, and every circumstance is one of a kind. Commercial electricians who are professionals have encountered every possible scenario, and they know how to install everything from switches to lights to keep your business operational while minimizing the risk of accidents.

They Can Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bills

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think about electricians is undoubtedly lights. The installation of electrical components like light fixtures, outlets, and switches are all powered by electricity and is the responsibility of a commercial electrician in Calabasas to wire houses, flats, and businesses with electricity. They do this when you contact them to repair an outlet that isn’t working properly or a light bulb that is too dim. Nevertheless, there is much more to it than only setting up the lights and plugs. 

A commercial electrician is responsible for a far wider range of tasks than that. Ensuring that you have sufficient electricity for all of your office equipment and machinery may assist you in operating your company more efficiently. In addition, commercial electricians are responsible for checking that all of the building’s electrical systems are in excellent operating condition.

Commercial Electrician In Calabasas Can Ensure That Your Home Is Safe And Up To Code

It is a known truth that the wiring in your house may deteriorate over time. This is particularly true if you have recently made modifications to your house, such as installing new appliances or undergoing a renovation, and if it has been some time since the system was last assessed. It’s best to have a commercial electrician in Calabasas look things over, even if you’re unsure of the severity of the problems. For instance, if you hire them, they may ensure your house abides by all applicable regulations. 

For instance, a strange appearance in your electrical system might indicate a more serious issue. It is essential to get expert advice on what needs to be done to resolve the issue and how to do it safely. In this manner, you can relax knowing that your loved ones are protected inside their own four walls. Hiring a professional may help you since you won’t have to worry about it as much. If you’ve been putting off calling an electrician for maintenance on your home’s wiring, now is the time to do it.Commercial Electrician in Calabasas

They Offer Comprehensive Services That Meet All Your Needs

You may be familiar with the phrase “commercial electrician”. If you consider employing one, you might be curious about how they vary from residential electricians. This is especially true if you intend to engage one. The fact is that they are rather distinct from one another in terms of the products and services they provide and the things that you, as a client, might anticipate from them. Typically, this form of service provider collaborates with corporations and companies and even sometimes with government organizations at the municipal level. 

They will take care of all of their customers’ electrical requirements, which may include the installation of new outlets, making repairs, replacing outdated wiring, or even the installation of new electrical infrastructure. Therefore, a commercial electrician in Calabasas is the person you should get in touch with if you are interested in installing a new electrical system in your company or need assistance repairing an existing one.

Hiring a professional electrician ensures your home’s electrical system will be installed and maintained correctly and safely. When homeowners choose Hoffer Electric for electrical repairs, they are eligible for a 10% discount on any future electrical service needs they may have in the following year. Inquire at (323) 329-6064 right now for more information.