Find an Electrical Contractor in Encino to Fix Flickering Lights

When your lights starting flickering, you’re likely to start thinking that your electricity may be about to go out and wonder whether you need to call in an electrician. The approach you take will depend on the reason for the flickering lights. Here are some causes of flickering lights that will help you to decide when calling in an electrical contractor in Encino may be necessary.

There are a number of reasons why your lights could be flickering, some of which are far easy to resolve than others. Bad or loose light bulbs and an incomplete electrical connection between a bulb and a socket are easy to fix.

Other problems such as the overloading of your electrical circuit, will require you to call out a certified electrician. If you live in an area like Encino in the greater Los Angeles area, a local certified electrician will be able to perform an inspection for you and make recommendations.

Bad or loose bulbs

Fluorescent lights usually flicker more than LED and other types of bulbs. The age of the bulb and the warm-up cycle are common causes of flickering. If a single light bulb is flickering, it’s easy enough to replace it with a new one and this will usually sort out the problem.

Electrical Contractor in Encino
If a bulb isn’t screwed in properly, it can result in flickering because the electrical connection is weak. Simply tightening the bulb will fix this problem.

A circuit breaker issue

Other causes of flickering lights may be more difficult to address. Flickering lights could be caused by a circuit breaker issue. In this case, you may need to call out a licensed electrician to do a circuit diagnosis.

If you live in a place like Encino in the greater Los Angeles area, you can call out a certified electrician to check whether you have a faulty circuit. This could be dangerous and must be sorted out or it could cause a fire.

Power-hungry appliances

Appliances that use lots of electricity also lead to flickering lights. The electrical panel in a home may become overloaded if you’re using too many electrical appliances that draw too much current.

It’s a problem if high-demand appliances are on the same circuits as lighting and you may have to add another circuit or two to address the problem.

Problems with your electric company

Of course, your lights could simply be flickering due to problems with your electric company. Find out whether your neighbors are experiencing the same problem and you’ll have your answer. You will need to call your electric company to resolve the problem.

Now you know what could lie behind the flickering lights in your home. If it’s a more serious issue, such as a problem with your circuit breaker, you will need to call in a licensed electrician. Hoffer Electric has experienced electricians working throughout the Los Angeles area.

Contact us at (323) 922-5205 or (818) 999-4190 to schedule an appointment. If you want to install new circuits and breakers, upgrade a panel or simply need some troubleshooting, we have you covered.

Jobs That Require a Residential Electrician in Encino

Residential Electrician in Encino

The days when any householder can repair or install an electrical system are long gone. For safety’s sake, only qualified electricians can now tackle most electrical jobs. The installation of electrical systems is strictly regulated by law and whoever installs them must be an approved professional. Unless you are a trained and certified electrician please don’t attempt to do any major electrical work either in your home or your office. The results can be devastating, putting in danger those that you love or damaging property. For that reason, we at Hoffer Electrics would like to remind you of some of the electrical work you should not touch and leave to residential electricians in Encino.


Electrical work needs to conform to certain standards for safety reasons. Only qualified professional electricians understand these limits and restrictions. This is what you have to keep in mind before tackling any DIY projects. Only professional electricians are aware of these local, state, and national regulations for electrical systems.

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Unless trained, most people can’t read electrical schematics or interpret technical drawings.


Rewiring needs to be done by professionals that understand what they are doing, otherwise, it can be done incorrectly and become a danger. This includes switches, outlets, light fittings, and even plugs.


Only electricians have the knowledge and correct equipment to diagnose an electrical system’s real problems. Problems with light sockets or outlets may only be the symptoms of a much deeper problem. Troubleshooting the correct problem is the only way to find a permanent and lasting solution to potentially dangerous electrical issues. Trained electricians know where to find those faults and fix them.

Installing switchboards

Switchboards are the central hub of any residential electrical system. They control the flow of electrical energy throughout your house. For your system to work safely and correctly, they have to be installed properly, within set guidelines.


Only qualified electricians should install new or replace old components. Each piece has to be tested before it is installed. The average householder does not have the correct equipment to test each component. Installing the incorrect component or faulty equipment will result in greater electrical issues.

Maintaining electrical systems

People who have not been trained in the functioning of electrical systems would not know how to maintain one with any degree of safety. They don’t have the correct equipment, the knowledge of electrical wiring, or the correct tools and supplies.


Most people do not have any great experience with working with electricity and so are a danger to themselves and those around them if they try electrical work which they don’t understand completely.

The experts

Apart from legal considerations, it is best to leave electrical work to people who are trained and qualified. If you can’t comply with the safety regulations you leave yourself open to prosecution, but worst of all, you may endanger others. If you need a residential electrician in Encino, please don’t hesitate to contact us first at Hoffer Electric through our website.