Residential Electrical Contractor in Culver City Know How to Save on Electrical Bills!

Many new homeowners are often caught off guard when they receive their first electricity bills. Then they understand why dad was always so uptight about switching off the lights when you exit a room. Electricity can become expensive, especially when you don’t pay attention to your usage. However, there are a couple of tips that you can follow that will drastically cut your electricity bill without making you feel that you have to have dinner by candlelight…every night. Our experts Electrical Contractors in Culver City might be professional installers of electricity, but that makes them the perfect candidates to dish out some advice.

Tinker with the thermostat

Climate control is the best thing since sliced bread, but you should ask yourself why you need the system to be active when no one is there. Programming your thermostat is as easy as reading the manual. These devices are designed for custom use and you can end up saving quite a lot of money by customizing your times.

No one is going to complain about the heat when no one is home. Therefore, program your thermostat to be off while you are at work and if you are afraid of stepping into a warm house, set it so that the house starts to cool down a couple of minutes before you get home.

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Unplug your stuff

Although you might think that your appliances don’t actually use electricity when they are not in use, think again. Small appliances like your laptop and cell phone chargers and other small gadgets still use power when they are plugged into the wall socket.

They constantly generate heat and suck the power out of your sockets so to speak. It has been recorded that the average electricity usage in a home for plugged-in appliances that are not in use can account for up to 10% of the monthly bill. That is wasted money and takes no effort to rectify.

Modern machines

Washing machines use a surprisingly high amount of electricity, but it can be cut drastically with modern machines. If you want to save on your washing, opt for cold washes. In doing so, you could end up saving anything between $100 -$150 a year.

You can save even more if you use your machine’s eco settings to wash your loads. Generally, these cycles take more time to complete. However, they don’t use as much electricity. All you need to do is to plan your schedule.

Energy saving light bulbs

Technology has come a far way and the light bulb that Edison invented all those years ago has changed quite a bit. Nowadays, you can replace your lights with energy efficient LED lights. They produce more light, last longer and use much less electricity.

There are many other things that you can also do, some of which will need an expert electrical contractor in Culver City. If you want to save more money on electricity visit give us a call at (323) 922-5205 or (818) 999-4190 for some free advice and excellent service.

Can Recessed Lighting be Used Outdoors?

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An electrical contractor in Culver City can install recessed lighting outdoors. It is safe to use in or out of your house. Most homeowners in Culver City have been proven that outdoor recessed lighting works in providing the right functionality and mood for your property’s exterior. It offers clean unobtrusive space because of its form. 

Electrical Contractor in Culver City to Help Choose the Ideal Recessed Light Fixtures

You may think that purchasing recessed lights is a simple process. But the market has different types of recessed fixtures. It makes the selection quite tricky. This is where hiring an electrician becomes beneficial. 

An electrical contractor will help you choose the ideal recessed light fixtures. Keep in mind that the fixtures don’t only depend on the appearance or your preference but also based on where the fixtures are installed. 

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Choose LED Lights 

You can opt to use other types of lights. But our electricians highly recommend the use of LED. This type of light offers many options. It’s also dimmable. Plus, its casings are shatter-proof. Furthermore, LED lights use less energy than incandescent lights. Then, these lights last 25 times longer.

Opt for Outdoor Lights

Recessed lighting can indeed be used outdoors. But you need to use lights that are designed for outdoor use. Indoor lights can’t be used outdoor because they’re not resistant to moisture and debris. They are not designed that way. If you do choose to install indoor lights for outdoor recessed lighting, they can put your house at risk of fire. It’s easy to know which light is for outdoor use. A light with the “for damp locations label” is meant for outdoor use. You may also see lights with a proper UL rating. They, too, are designed for this purpose. 

Consult with an Electrician for Lighting Controls 

Lighting controls are dimmers, timers, motion sensors, etc. They can help create energy-efficient lighting in your house. Choosing them will help you save a significant amount of money. If you wish to install recessed lighting outdoors and lighting controls, consider talking to our electricians. Our professional electricians will determine the right lighting controls for your property. Keep in mind that you can find recessed lighting that has no dimming capacity. If you choose to install it with lighting control, the lights won’t perform well. They’ll still use the same amount of energy but they won’t give you the proper lighting that you want. 

Different Techniques

There are different techniques to add recessed lighting to the exterior of your house. You should also consider the lighting trims. They are essential in shaping or cutting the fixture where the bulb sits. Some options can give you a way to play around with the aesthetic to help you achieve the kind of lighting that you want outdoor. Before you even consider installing recessed lighting for outdoor use, make sure to talk to our electrical contractor in Culver City. Various options and techniques might be foreign to you be all too common for our electricians. Talk to us today and we can help you choose the right options: (323) 329-6064.