Call Qualified Commercial Electrician in Tarzana for Guaranteed Electrical Work

You can call your father or brother to perform electrical tasks in your office. But does your brother have a license to do it? Is your father a well-trained electrician? If you answer no, then it is necessary for you to call a qualified commercial electrician in Tarzana.

It is true that you can save a lot of money from not calling a licensed electrician. After all, licensed ones charge more for guaranteed electrical work.

However, you must not compromise the safety of your office or building. Instead, make sure that the electrical work is done by a real and qualified commercial electrician in Tarzana.

By hiring qualified electricians, you can be sure that they will not compromise on quality work. In Tarzana, residents here choose to hire Hoffer electric because of its reputation and reliable services.

It is a family-owned company that only provides trustworthy services even when no one is looking.

What Are The Services Hoffer Electric Can Offer?

Hoffer Electric has a team of highly trained electricians who can modernize your office using home lighting, for example.

The exterior of your building or office can draw attention. Perhaps, your potential clients would want to enter your office and inquire about your services.

However, they are further attracted to your business if you install modern lighting in your office. Lights, unfortunately, are like fashion. They change quickly. If your lighting system is antiquated, your clients would think that your services are also outdated.

But don’t fear as Hoffer Electric is here to help you out. Our electricians can help you get a new lighting system that can change the ambiance in your office. We recommend the use of efficient LED lights as they modernize your office and give it a better appearance or setting.

When your clients enter your office and see the modern lighting, they are more likely to stay and inquire about your services. Because they like the ambiance, they are highly likely to sign a contract.

Apart from lighting, Hoffer Electric also offers services that can improve your office’s security. We can install cameras and electric doors.

Do you have Nest lock that you want it installed? We can help you with that. By calling our office today, we can schedule a visit to your office and recommend the kind of system that you need.

We do not only install your lock system but we can recommend possible things that can protect your office against burglars. Our qualified electricians are trained in installing an incredible security system for residential and commercial buildings.

commercial electrician in tarzana

Are You Renovating?

You do not only need an interior designer but you also need a qualified electrician when you are renovating your office.

Our licensed electricians will make sure that your newly renovated office has safely fed electricity. We can also install outlets that are enough for your office uses.

When picking a commercial electrician in Tarzana, make sure that you choose Hoffer Electric. Our electricians are trustworthy and bonded. Start working with us by contacting our team today: (323) 922-5205.

Electric Company in Los Angeles Explains How the Popularity of Sustainable Energy Affects the Industry

Hoffer Electric, an electric company in Los Angeles, believes that there is an increasing popularity in sustainable energy. This is because of the opportunity to challenge systems, as well as installations of high technology, have created an environment to do so.

The clean energy economy offers a huge opportunity for many electricians. This industry tackles solar and wind energy methods. Most electricians, including Hoffer Electric, want to partake in this flourishing segment.

Sustainable Energy Projects

Sustainable energy projects are aplenty. They include installation on solar panels and development of wind energy solutions. Electricians today are working on various complex tracking and automation systems.

Our electricians at Hoffer Electric are enjoying the chance to learn the many ways to challenge systems. Sustainable energy jobs allow electricians to remain up to date on the changes and operations of the industry.

Our electric company in Los Angeles relishes the entire process of learning something new every day. Our team of hardworking engineers and electricians will continue to improve upon our skills to help us face the demands of the field.

One of our available services is the greening of a kitchen. Many residents in Los Angeles call us to make their kitchen green. We, therefore, opt for environmentally friendly lights. They’re not just LED, but they’re also made out of recycled materials, such as glass bottles.

And of course, we highly recommend the use of solar energy. But we do advise our clients to only use the lights installed where they need them. We divide lighting into task and mood lighting sections. The former highlights those areas where you prepare food and work. The latter, about evoking a certain atmosphere.

electric company in los angeles

Finding the Right Electric Company in Los Angeles

When opting for sustainable energy at home, make sure that the electric company in Los Angeles you wish to hire is licensed and bonded.

Although it is true that you can find someone to install renewable energy at home for a cheap price. However, the quality of their work would most likely be low. Furthermore, they might not even have a license or insurance. Thus, if anything happens to them, you would have to handle everything.

However, our electricians at Hoffer Electric are fully bonded and insured. In that way, if they damage your house related to the electrical job they are performing, we will cover it and pay the damages.

Hiring an electrician is a must if you have electrical works at home. Always find a trusted electrician company in Los Angeles, like Hoffer Electric. Our forty years of experience will ensure that your electric issues will be fixed quickly.

If you are planning to make your house green, we suggest calling our experts in sustainable energy. We do not only focus on the kitchen but we also specialize in various electrical tasks within renewable energy. Our electricians have installed solar power panels in many areas of Los Angeles. To know more about how Hoffer Electric, our electric company in Los Angeles, can help you in making your house green, please call us today: (323) 922-5205. We will schedule a visit to your building or house to find out how we can implement sustainable energy in your house.

What to Consider When Choosing an Electrical Contractor in Calabasas

Getting help with electricity in your home is important for the safety of your family. You want to know your electricity is up to code, safe, and operating properly always. When you are having issues, or you are planning on making changes and need the help of an electrician, you want to do more than just pick the first name out of the phone book or the one that shows up on an Internet search. There are factors you need to carefully consider when you are choosing an electrical contractor in Calabasas so you can be sure you get the right service for the job.

You Contractor Must be Licensed

You should never hire an electrical contractor that cannot provide you with valid licensing information. No matter how much they promise you that they can do a good job for you and at a lower price, you need to know that they have the proper state license to do electrical work. Without a license, you do not have any assurances that they have the proper experience working with electricity and will do things that follow the current codes.

an Electrical Contractor in Calabasas

A Contractor That is Responsive

You have probably experienced plenty of times where you call a contractor or send an email and never get a response back about coming for work or to speak with you about an issue. You want to hire an electrical contractor in Calabasas that is respectful and responsive to you. You want someone that returns phone calls promptly or answers messages, even if it is to say they are unavailable to help you right away. You also want a contractor that will provide you with an estimate for the work you need and then show up on time to perform the needed work for you.

The Contractor of Choice for You

When you need an electrical contractor in Calabasas that you can count on to do a reliable job for you at a fair price, make sure you turn to us at Hoffer Electric. We are a licensed, insured and bonded electrical service that has worked in the area since 1967 and can provide you with the troubleshooting, repairs, and upgrades that you may want or need. You can phone us at 310-321-4996 and speak with our office so that you can schedule a service call with us and we will be happy to supply you with a free estimate for the work you need.

Using a Qualified Electrical Contractor in Woodland Hills is Crucial

You have been having trouble on and off with the light fixtures in one part of your home for a while now. To go along with this, lately, every time you use the toaster and the microwave together, you blow a circuit and have to flip it back. These little nuisance problems may not seem like a big deal to you at first, but they could be signs of electrical issues that you need to address. The problem is that many people think these are things they can fix on their own or that their relative or friend that is good with his hands can fix for them. For electrical problems like this, you want to use an experienced and qualified electrical contractor in Woodlands Hills to make sure the job is done right.

Avoiding Electrical Disaster

Having someone other than a licensed electrician work on your electricity can be a dangerous proposition for you. If you do not have the proper training and experience working with electricity, you run serious risks of doing things incorrectly. This could lead to potential shocks occurring that are hazardous to your health and safety. Incorrect wiring also leaves the potential open for sparks and fires occurring in your home, endangering your family and property.

Electrical Contractor in Woodland Hills

Look for a Qualified Contractor

You are much better off looking for a qualified electrical contractor in Woodland Hills to help you with your electrical issues. A licensed contractor will be able to come into your home, analyze and troubleshoot the problem for you, and provide you with the best solutions and options to repair the issue for you. Using the best tools and technology available they can repair or replace the electrical work for you and have it done effectively and in much less time that it might take for you to do it yourself.

An Expert Contractor to Call

When you need a qualified electrical contractor in Woodland Hills to help you in your home, please consider calling us here at Hoffer Electric. We have worked in the area for fifty years and have helped thousands of residential customers like yourself with many electrical repairs and upgrades. You can telephone our office at (323) 922-5205 or visit, so that you can set up an appointment with us so we can come to your home, look at the problem, and provide you with the best solution possible to get your electricity working properly again.

Don’t Start Those Renovations without an Electrician in Santa Monica

You have been thinking about making some upgrades or changes to your home for a while now, and now that you have the time and money set aside you are ready to make the remodel or renovation happen. Renovation projects can be very large undertakings, whether you are demolishing an area of your home and replacing it, upgrading and remodeling an existing area or building an entirely new extension of your home. Any time you start a project like this, you know that there is going to be some electrical work involved in the process. Before you start any demolition or renovation, you want to take the time to talk to and hire an electrician in Santa Monica like us at Hoffer Electric.

Getting Advice and Guidance

Many people may simply start a project like this on their own or leave it all to the contractor they have hired to do the work for them. The problem is you may not have the knowledge or insight to make sure any of the wiring or changes you are making are done correctly and safely. Attempting work like this without the proper training and expertise can be a recipe for disaster and put your entire home and family at risk. You are much better off speaking with us so that you can get expert insight and advice about the work and upgrades you need to make sure the electrical work is done correctly.

Don’t Start Those Renovations without an Electrician in Santa Monica

We Can Help

At Hoffer electric, renovation and remodeling work is part of our expertise as an electrician in Santa Monica. We can have one of our expert electricians come to your home and walk through the project with you. They can perform an inspection and evaluation, discuss the plans and let you know just what changes or work you need to be done to make sure everything is up to code, safe and functioning properly. We can perform all kinds of electrical work for you, from installing new wiring and lighting to upgrading panels, circuits, breakers and more.

Bring Us in to Help

Before you start work on your renovation, make sure you call an electrician in Santa Monica you can trust here at Hoffer Electric. You can reach our office by calling 310-321-4996 to arrange for an appointment, and we will be glad to meet with you, go over your project and make sure your electrical work gets done so that your home looks its best and is safe for all.

Get Better Phone and Internet for Your Business Thanks to a Commercial Electrician in Westwood

As a business owner, the communication you have with your customers and clients is the backbone of your business. If you do not have reliable methods to speak with customers or for them to reach out to you, your business and reputation are going to suffer. With each passing year, technology improves and provides us with new and faster ways of getting and receiving information, and it is up to you to keep up with everything. You want to have reliable, quality phone systems and computer systems and upgrading your existing wiring can be a key to making this happen. You can get the better wiring you need when you turn to a commercial electrician in Westwood like us at Hoffer Electric.

Improve Speed and Accuracy

In today’s world, everything seems to be about speed and accuracy. People want to reach out to your business at a moment’s notice to ask a question, make an appointment or purchase products or services. You need to know that you have reliable wiring in place so that your phone systems are always working at their best. Your phones are the lifeline to your customers and vendors so getting quality wiring that gives you speed and reliability is important. The same goes for your computer systems today. You want quality that holds up well, can handle the traffic in your office and does not go down.

Get Better Phone and Internet for Your Business Thanks to a Commercial Electrician in Westwood

An Experienced and Knowledgeable Electrician

To get the best wiring you can for your phone and computers, you want an experienced and knowledgeable commercial electrician in Westwood like us at Hoffer Electric. We have been working in the community for fifty years and have worked with thousands of residential and commercial customers over that time, helping them with all of their electrical needs. Our expert electricians can come to you and talk about your needs for wiring, make the best recommendations and perform installation and wiring for you, so the job gets done professionally and correctly.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you want to upgrade your wiring and need a commercial electrician in Westwood, take the time to contact us at Hoffer Electric by calling our office at 310-321-4996. We can schedule an appointment for you so we can come in and provide you with a free estimate for the work you may need so you can take steps towards having the fast, reliable systems you need for your business.

Safeguard Your Equipment with a Commercial Electrician in Calabasas

Take a look around your office, store or place of business and think about all of the equipment you have at your location. You likely have several computers, copy machines, cash registers, technological equipment, specialty electronics that relate to your industry, security systems and much more. Today’s businesses are loaded with electrical products and technology to help you do your job well. Now imagine what would happen if one or more of these items were not working correctly. You could quickly see your business come to a screeching halt and it might cost you thousands of dollars and many customers or clients. You want to take precautions and the best way to safeguard your equipment today is with the help of a commercial electrician in Calabasas like us at Hoffer Electric.

Providing You with Protection

Many locations today may have inferior or outdated wiring, and they do not even realize it. It is only when you start to have problems where you have power outages or shortages that knock equipment out of commission that you may suspect something is wrong. By this time, you may already have spent thousands of dollars on new equipment, and you still have difficulties. That is why you want to call us in to help you. As expert electricians, we can provide you with the troubleshooting you may need to locate the sources of your problems and fix them for you.

Safeguard Your Equipment with a Commercial Electrician in Calabasas

Inspecting, Repairing and Maintaining

As your commercial electrician in Calabasas, we at Hoffer Electric can come into your facility and perform an inspection and evaluation of your electrical work for you. We can test and check everything over to help spot potential and existing trouble areas for you that you may want to do something about. We can then perform all of the needed repairs and upgrades that are necessary so you can have the quality electrical work you need to function well as a business today.

Delay Can be Costly

Putting off an inspection like this for your business can be costly for you. Take the time to call us at Hoffer Electric so we can work as your commercial electrician in Calabasas and get the work done for you. You can reach us by calling our office to schedule an appointment at 310-321-4996, and we can have an electrician out to you at your convenience to assist you and make sure all of your delicate and important electrical equipment will keep working at its best.

Have a Generator on Hand Thanks to a Residential Electrician in Tarzana

You do not have to be a meteorologist or have a deep understanding of the weather to know that what we have experienced over the last several years is much different from what went on twenty years ago. There are many more violent storms to deal with that create all kinds of havoc with flooding, mudslides and power outages all over the area today than there ever were before. No one likes the thought of being without power for even a few hours, let alone days or a week at a time. To combat the problem, you want to get prepared before the next storm comes along. You can have a generator on hand in your home thanks to a residential electrician in Tarzana like we have here at Hoffer Electric.

A Generator to Save the Day

In the past, many people may not have considered the real need for a generator to help them during a storm or power outage. However, in today’s world where incidences have become more frequent and more severe, it can be difficult to manage your life if you are without power for several days. Many people cannot safely function and operate their home without power, particularly if you are a family that has young children or elderly or sick people at home that may need special care. When you know you have a generator available that can help keep the power on in parts of your home, it provides you with a much greater peace of mind.

Have a Generator on Hand Thanks to a Residential Electrician in Tarzana

Expert Installation Matters

There are all kinds of different generators available today, so calling us at Hoffer Electric to be your residential electrician in Tarzana and help you with installation is very important. You want to make sure you select a generator that is right for your home and circumstances so it can provide you with the power you need in a crisis. We can help you select the right backup generator for your home and then have our expert electricians install it for you so that you know it is done correctly and safely and the generator will work when you need it.

Do not Put it Off

The last thing you want to do is put off getting a generator. You want it in place, so you are ready for the next time you lose power. Make the call to our expert residential electrician in Tarzana at Hoffer Electric at 310-321-4996. You can schedule an appointment with us to come out to your home and make recommendations to you for the right generator so you can be ready for the next power interruption.

Maintain Your Electrical Systems with an Electrical Contractor in Calabasas

There are fewer things more important to your home than your electrical system. The electrical system is the backbone of your home, and when it is not operating properly, it can cause all kinds of problems for you. You may find you have shorts, fuses blown and power outages frequently. These situations can create bigger problems for you, such as electrical equipment like appliances, computer equipment, and electronics, costing you thousands of dollars. You also run the risk of fires starting because of shorts. You want to maintain your electrical systems well with the help of an electrical contractor in Calabasas like us at Hoffer Electric.

Dependable Help to Keep Things Working

When you have a contractor come into your home like our service at Hoffer Electric, we can perform a complete evaluation of your electrical system for you. We can test everything, look at the wiring, check your fuse box and see where potential problems may be within your home. We can then make the proper recommendations to you about upgrades you may want to consider, repair work that you need or changes you should make to improve your electrical work. We then will provide you with a free estimate for the work you need, and if you agree, we can set about making the improvements you need to keep your electrical system working well and at its best.

Maintain Your Electrical Systems with an Electrical Contractor in Calabasas

Save Money and Safer Surroundings

As you electrical contractor in Calabasas, we can help you save money on your utility bills. The changes that we can implement for you will upgrade your electrical work to more efficient and energy-saving manners. This can help to save you a significant amount of money on your monthly bills. Our work will also provide you with much safer surroundings. The improvements done will provide you with the safer wiring in your home, so you have fewer power problems and a safer environment where you do not have to worry about shorts or potential electrical issues.

Call Us Today

You can get the help of a quality electrical contractor in Calabasas when you contact us at Hoffer Electric. You can arrange an appointment for an evaluation of your wiring and electrical work when you call our office at 310-321-4996. We can schedule a day and time to come to your home so we can look things over and provide you with the best recommendations to help improve your electrical systems.

Should I Hire a Residential Electrician in Northridge?

There are many aspects of your home that you can maintain on your own and make repairs when necessary. Most of us have no problem painting a room, mowing the lawn, hooking up a television or stereo or even doing some basic repairs around the house. Many of us can even take care of things like plumbing or taking care of your car. While you may consider yourself handy, it can be a whole different ballgame when it comes to performing electrical work and repairs in your home. You may think you can save time and money by doing electrical work on your own, but the reality is that using a residential electrician in Northridge like us at Hoffer Electric will be much more efficient for you.

A Time and Money Saver

When you are considering doing electrical work on your own, whether it is new wiring for new appliances, electrical work during a renovation or repairs to find out what is wrong with particular fixtures or receptacles, you need to think about how much time it is going to take you to do the job. If you have minimal or no experience doing this type of work, it could conceivably take you many hours to get the job done correctly. It might also cost you quite a bit in tools, supplies, and materials to do the work. When you hire a professional electrician like us, we have experience doing the job and can do it for you faster, more effectively and cheaper than what it may be to try it on your own.

Residential Electrician in Northridge

A Much Safer Option

When you use us as your residential electrician in Northridge, it will also be a much safer option for you. Trying electrical work on your own without a lot of familiarity is never a safe thing to do. We have the expertise and training to know the proper precautions that need to be taken and we also know the right approach to use when performing repairs and installations. This assures you that the wiring is done properly so you do not have to worry about shorts or wiring errors that can cause catastrophes to occur.

Call an Expert

It is a much better choice for you to call a residential electrician in Northridge when you need electrical work done and we at Hoffer Electric are just the service for you. You can contact our office at 310-321-4996 to schedule an appointment for one of our electricians to come to your home and take care of the electrical projects you have now so that you can get quality work done that will help to protect your property.