Jobs That Require a Residential Electrician in Encino

Residential Electrician in Encino

The days when any householder can repair or install an electrical system are long gone. For safety’s sake, only qualified electricians can now tackle most electrical jobs. The installation of electrical systems is strictly regulated by law and whoever installs them must be an approved professional. Unless you are a trained and certified electrician please don’t attempt to do any major electrical work either in your home or your office. The results can be devastating, putting in danger those that you love or damaging property. For that reason, we at Hoffer Electrics would like to remind you of some of the electrical work you should not touch and leave to residential electricians in Encino.


Electrical work needs to conform to certain standards for safety reasons. Only qualified professional electricians understand these limits and restrictions. This is what you have to keep in mind before tackling any DIY projects. Only professional electricians are aware of these local, state, and national regulations for electrical systems.

Residential Electrician in Encino


Unless trained, most people can’t read electrical schematics or interpret technical drawings.


Rewiring needs to be done by professionals that understand what they are doing, otherwise, it can be done incorrectly and become a danger. This includes switches, outlets, light fittings, and even plugs.


Only electricians have the knowledge and correct equipment to diagnose an electrical system’s real problems. Problems with light sockets or outlets may only be the symptoms of a much deeper problem. Troubleshooting the correct problem is the only way to find a permanent and lasting solution to potentially dangerous electrical issues. Trained electricians know where to find those faults and fix them.

Installing switchboards

Switchboards are the central hub of any residential electrical system. They control the flow of electrical energy throughout your house. For your system to work safely and correctly, they have to be installed properly, within set guidelines.


Only qualified electricians should install new or replace old components. Each piece has to be tested before it is installed. The average householder does not have the correct equipment to test each component. Installing the incorrect component or faulty equipment will result in greater electrical issues.

Maintaining electrical systems

People who have not been trained in the functioning of electrical systems would not know how to maintain one with any degree of safety. They don’t have the correct equipment, the knowledge of electrical wiring, or the correct tools and supplies.


Most people do not have any great experience with working with electricity and so are a danger to themselves and those around them if they try electrical work which they don’t understand completely.

The experts

Apart from legal considerations, it is best to leave electrical work to people who are trained and qualified. If you can’t comply with the safety regulations you leave yourself open to prosecution, but worst of all, you may endanger others. If you need a residential electrician in Encino, please don’t hesitate to contact us first at Hoffer Electric through our website.