Charging Tips for Your Electric Car

An electric car needs a charging system. Whatever the brand and model you are using, these charging tips, brought to you by Hoffer Electric, the most sought-after electrician in Calabasas, will help you on your next road trip and prolong the lifespan of the car’s battery.

Know your own car

Your electric car is different from the other electric vehicles. That is, pay close attention to your car’s response. You need to know what type of driving can save its range and what regenerates range. It can take a few weeks for you to get to know those details.

If you are planning an out-of-town trip, opt to take the smaller roads. Then, know whether there are hills or high-speed routes on your way. Knowing these details will help you plan where you can charge next.

Plan ahead

If you are going for a business trip, for example, you need to plan ahead. Set its charge level to 50 percent. Then, just leave it plugged in.

Now, if you are leaving your car somewhere where you can’t leave it plugged in, you must be aware that your car will lose some charge each day.

It is better to leave the car unplugged at 90 percent charge state. So that, when you come back, you won’t find its battery completely discharged.

Charging Tips for Your Electric Car

Avoid fully charging your electric car

Fully charging it will only charge the battery to its maximum capacity. Some electric car manufacturers will recommend owners to charge their car up to 80 percent. Doing so will only reduce the available range while it increases the lifespan of your car’s battery.

If your driving can go with less than 80 percent charge, then this simple set up is the easiest way to increase your car’s battery lifespan.

Drive slower

Did you know that driving fast can increase your car’s charging time? It does not matter what brand or model you are using. The faster you drive, the more energy your car uses so, the longer time it takes for it for charging.

Of course, you can’t control it. But you can choose your route so you can opt to drive slower.

Consider extreme temperature conditions

If your car is not a Tesla model that comes with a built-in thermal management system, then your car needs to be kept between 20F and 85F. Most batteries of an electric car hate heat. It increases battery degradation when it is exposed to high temperatures consistently.

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