What You Can Expect from a Residential Electrician in Tarzana

There are many home projects that the average homeowner is willing to undertake to make improvements or repairs around their home. While you may be handy and can do many things yourself, you are likely like many homeowners and are tentative when it comes to doing electrical work. Electricity can be something of a wild card for many people and without the proper knowledge of how to handle it correctly, you run some serious risks. You are much better off turning to a professional to assist you with electrical work, so you know the job is done safely and correctly. When you call us at Hoffer Electric to be your residential electrician in Tarzana, there are several services you can expect to get.

Repairs and Troubleshooting

The calls we get the most here at our business center on troubleshooting and repairs. Most people will turn to a professional when they are experiencing problems with the electricity in a portion of their home and cannot figure out what the problem is. Our professional electricians can come into your home and, use their vast knowledge base and experience, diagnose and troubleshoot a wide variety of electrical problems for you. We can find the problem, determine the cause and give you the best options available for corrective work or repairs.

New Installations

Many people working on home improvement projects turn to us as a residential electrician in Tarzana. We are happy to assist you with any renovations, additions or home improvements you may be working on that require electrical work. We can make sure your new wiring is installed correctly and meets all current codes and standards. We can work closely with you to plan the best lighting for a new room or renovation project so that you get lighting that looks its best and performs well for you. Our electricians can also help you with wiring for that new pool, sauna, hot tub or outdoor patio.

Get the Work Done Correctly

To make sure you get your electrical work done correctly and safely, take the time to contact us at Hoffer Electric so that we can be your residential electrician in Tarzana. You can give our office a call at 310-321-4996 to arrange for an appointment for one of our electricians to come to your home and provide you with an evaluation and free estimate for the work you need performed.