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Hoffer Electric 25-30kW GuardianSeries C1 bisque

Hoffer Electric 8kW bisque

Whole-House Generators Sales & InstallationGot Power? We Do! – Automatic Standby Generators
24/7 Blackout Protection – Hands-free Operation – Permanently InstalledWe have no control over earthquakes, fires, rains, floods, and rolling blackouts. People lose power every day and it’s not getting better, its getting worse.GENERAC gives you control over and outage. Installed next to your house, a GENERAC standby generator automatically provides electrictiy to your home’s essential items – at the first sign of a power outage.No extenstion cords, manual starting or messy refueling. Natural Gas, Propane & Diesel units.

Operate Lights – Refrigerators – Computers – Phone – Alarm Systems – A/C & Heating

Breakthrough Design: Creates the greatest starting power to run the items that matter most.
Safe Designs: UL listed, automatic voltage regulation and electronic governor for sensitive electronics.
Enclosures: Some models in steel (bisque), others in corrosion resistant aluminum (grey).

Get a generator today and get your power back. We offer maintenance programs and extended warranties
8-20 kW Pre-Packaged System

Includes: Automatic transfer switch, outdoor connection box, pre-wired conduit, flexible fuel line, composite mounting pad.

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